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Some Butts in the AM

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Grettings early risers or you late night butt and brisket tenders.

I woke up early to throw some butts on. Last night I rubbed down 3 boston butts, bone in. One was rubbed with mustard and Jeff's rub, the 2nd was a store bought rub and the third was one of my own. Also threw in a rack of baby back ribs with Jeff's rub. It was looking lonely in the freezer.

The weather was supposed to be clear, 10% chance of percip, so of course it is snowing!

I'll check in later with more Qview.
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Good mornin' Ron... I did 2 racks of baby back last night for the BustedLuck Hangout... Jeffs rub... at the end some of Jeffs sauce..... I cut the first rack up went out to the smoker (right outside the door) to get the second rack... came back in... only the bones left and everyone was lickin' their fingers!! What a great time!! i gotta 15 lb butt... i might do tonight to take up to Gramason's Sunday.... i dunno... depends on todays honey do list....

Look forward to hearing how yours turns out!
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Sounds like fun Mark. 15 lb butt is a nice size, I think you are looking at a long smoke. Enjoy it !
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Looks like a great day is ahead of you.
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... is it possible the baby backs may not be served with todays main meal?...is it possible they may fall prey-- and become a snack for the munching SmokeMaster?...hmmm....
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Alas but not no. They will be sacrificed to unappreciative co workers along with the butt.
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...I know these co-workers of which you speak...You're a good man!
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Just seems wrong somehow, butt (pun intended) I'm sure your co-workers will be singing your praise!!! The but will be fall apart tender....who would know if ya had a little snack...lol...wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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Oh I'd love to have a snack, butt (pun inteded :) ) I am not supposed to eat red meat. Oh well, it still smells great!
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I hope yours don't plateau as bad I mine did yesterday, put on 8.5lb butt
at 5am yesterday and it didn't hit 195° till 11pm last night, smoker was at 230°-250° all day. That smoke worked pretty hard on my beer fridgePDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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Oh I hope so too. I need it to be done on time for a change as we have plans in the evening. I'll just let nature take it's course though. Can't rush these things.
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About 5 1/2 hrs in. Ribs are done. Qview coming soon. Butts are starting to slow down, maybe nearing plateau. One is at 151 one is 154 and the third is about 145 as it's near the bottom of the smoker.
Slow and steady wins the race. Time for a beverage!
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Sounds like things are coming along nicely Ron. Look forward to the finished pics. BTW, you better not let the butts hear you have plans this evening or they'll hang up on ya for sure. wink.gif
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"Time for a beverage!"

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, it was yesterday too about 11:30am alsobiggrin.gif
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RIBS are done!
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Finally butts were done. Had to finish them in the oven but they did get about 10 hours in hickory smoke so all is well. 20 lbs of butt yielded about 10 lbs of meat.

Interesting finding, I think I got better bark on the one I did without the mustard although all 3 had decent bark.
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Yum Ron, the ribs and butt look great! Wish I had some pulled pork. Thanks for sharing.
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WOW!!...looks Great... and the ribs made it too (at least to have their pixs taken!)...Bet the guests were pleased.
Thanks for the pix...
Now I see what perfection looks like...PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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LOL thanks Bubba but they are far from perfect. That's why I need to keep practicing, fortunately you can eat all the trial runs along the way.
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Ron, those look awesome! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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