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Well it started

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Wel group the shoulder is in, rain has stopped so that is good.
now just waiting for it to get to 100 to start spayingit with the apple juice and Cpt. MorgansPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
I will check in with you all later
here is the shoulder ready to go

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It looks good already! You are going to be in for a fun night. I'll check in with you later this morning I'm getting up early to put a few butts in.
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YOU can start on the Cpt Morgan before your cut of meat is ready! Looks like its gonna be gooood!
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red meat? LOL
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Nice start, be patient its worth it!!
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Yep Randy, unfortunately they are not for me.

1 is for work another is for New Years eve and the 3rd is for, well the other 2 would be lonely without company lol.
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Lookin good!!
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Rodney I hope you didn't fall asleep and that they are done :)

If you have pictures of the finished product we would love to see them.
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okay, okay
I know it might be cheating but the wife took over for a couple of hours, I foiled it about 0600-0615 EST(pic below), than layed down for a few winksPDT_Armataz_01_09.gif and it is now 1150, the meat has platued for about the last 1 hour so, hopefully it will start to climb.
Guests will be here about 1500 so i need to get cracking on the slaw and sauces, Carolina for me, red for the rest of the family
Will send pics when done
OOOO look at those juicesicon_twisted.gif
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Wow! Nice so far I can smell it from here.
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Looiks good! are you gonna eat all of that....
Do you want me to have some??
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haver de grace, Sorry about the spelling
Have not been around since 2003, been to several school over @ APG
Thanks thast platoe can bee a killer when you are this close, I know still have to cooler it but oh so close, LOL
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Looks good enough to eat!!! You and the Mrs. must have done a fine job.
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Well done, Rodney. Looks like your in for one heck of a good meal!

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Done Let's Eat

Well Here you all go, finished product.
Took some of Jeffs recipes for red sauce and slaw and tweeked them a bit for me, and oh boy going to get stuffed.wink.gif
To be honest I dislike most slaw BUT this stuff is SOOOO Goood.
Ended up leaving the shoulder in the cooler for about 2 hours, Warmart was packed, went for a quick trip and took too long.
That towel and cooler thing is the best, who ever thought of that should get a Nobel Prize!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Even after 2 hours in the cooler it was still steaming hot, and the bone literally slid out of the meat
I am drying out the fat alittle in the oven, saw a recipe for breakfast fried fat stirpes, and with some over easy eggs and hashbrowns, MMM

Hey but no doubt this Bandera is a fuel hog, almost 3 bags of royal oak lump charcoal, LOL
Well time to clean up the smoker and get ready for the X-Mas Ham.
It i a pre done one I think, you know the kind you usallly get from the supermarket.
Any help would be appreciated, till later Thanks All , really I mean it

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Nice smoke! Well done!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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thanks for the compliment, avices and such it really is nice to have a group that will share thier knowledge and experiances, like I said ham is next, LOL depending on what time the Misses wants to eat, pics will follow

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Touchdown rodneylenton! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

Dude that looks EXCELLENT!

I'll be right with you for the ham - I'll be cooking mine Christmas day. Gonna do a raw & uncured one, so it should be interesting. I figure, as long as my thermometer works and I know what the internal temp is, how bad can I really screw it up??

I'll take some pics and post qview of mine too...
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Rodney take that precooked ham up to about 140º internal temp smoked with cherry wood and smoker temp around 225º to 250º. Glaze the last half hour or so before it is finished (if you like to glaze your hams - I don't)
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You have a recipe for that slaw? It looks really good too.
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