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Breaking The Ice

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Been a little tense around here lateley thought this might help ease the tension a little. After all we've all had a bad day......right? Office workers should really enjoy this.icon_biggrin.gif

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Between that and this Office Space remake... I may never go to the office again.

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I got that this morning in my e-mail, wat too funny,
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LMBO......The hubby will love this one being that he works for an "Office Enviroment" company....lol....biggrin.gif
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Holy crap,I'm so glad I'm not an office geek.
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I work for the largest office furniture company in the World, Steelcase. Your link cracked me up, falling on the floor laughing. Can't wait to share this with my office folks. Tonto, my beautiful important half, pointed this out to me and really enjoyed the laughs!!
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LOL! Those were great!
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