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A stupid question from a noob

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A friend gave me a big A#! ham (16lbs). I want to smoke it but my question is, is this thing cooked or uncooked? It had no label and he did not know. He bought it at one of the big box stores..Costco or Sams. Is there a way to tell? It had a lot of juice in the bag which leads me to believe that it is precooked. I have been smoking it with a hickory/apple mix for about 2 hours and the internal temp is only 60F. If it is pre-cooked, how long should I smoke that fugger to penetrate the meat? icon_question.gif
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It sure sounds like a precooked ham to me. Most smoke the pre-cooked hams up to 140°. Good luck and enjoy!
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Yep, take it to at least 140 and you will have the most wonderful "double smoked" ham you've ever tasted!!wink.gif
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If you really want to find out precooked or not, cut off a little piece and fry it up in a skillet and taste it. If it tastes like what you are used to ham tasting like it is probably precooked.

My initial thought was that is was precooked, but the more I thought about it, I am not sure I have ever seen a precooked that large, which leads me to believe that is a "fresh" ham.

Any skin on it?
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Any skin on it?

Now how did I know you would ask such a questionicon_smile.gif

I would agree, something that large is probably fresh, especially since it doesn't have a label indicating pre-cooked.
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I don't think Sam's carries uncooked ham's.................but i don't know anythingPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif lol
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True. But it's a biggin
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I used to think that also, but the one by my house just started in the last month........big mothers too!
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On the menu for Christmas Eve dinner....plenty for everyone Bubba.....come on overicon_smile.gifwink.gif
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LMAO Good one. Believe it or not, I do tak the skin off on these. LOL I can see it already, I am going to be laying in bed tonight and have to try to explain to the wife what I am chuckling about.
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I would be amazed if that was a fresh ham. That being said, if you are unsure since there was no label included and you don't know how to tell the difference just take the internal temperature up to 160°-165°. That way, no matter which it is, no one gets sick and it doesn't hurt anything either way. A fresh one is safe to eat and a pre-cooked one isn't hurt.

It's always better to lean to the cautious side where food safety is concerned.
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Glad I could help! biggrin.gif You're coming around, it's a long slow process. So stick to it and you shal be set free.
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I'll keep eating chicken skin until the day I finally die from clogged arteries. LOL Hmmm.....nice crispy chicken skin.
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Have you tried the "chicken done one better" where the guy de-boned it and fried the skin chrisp?
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Here is a pic of that big 'ol bastard before I put it in the smoker. Is that the skin you guys are talking about?
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Yeah, I liked the family didn't........oh well.

Now about that ham.......what is the story? (sorry to derail the thread)
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From what I can see I would say it is precooked. That looks like just good ol fat.

The skin would be the actual pig skin........you would know it if it was on there.
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Spiral cut, I'll bet pre-cooked. Anyway, Cooking it a bit longer to a higher temp won't hurt if you keep it moist.
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Pre-cooked was my initial thought as well. To keep it moist, should I just spreay it with apple juice every hour or so? As always, I appreciate everyones thoughts and help.
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Spray if you want. I have had good luck just sitting in a pan and covering them with foil and leaving them alone.........the smoke still seems to creep in there. Spray or not, I would foil to help with the moisture.
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