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Gonna see if I can scrape up the $50. I'll know by Wednesday.
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Let me know, i'll pick ya up!! biggrin.gif
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Sent my RSVP , so if I get the ok from them I am there
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Hope to meet and see a few of ya there! As Willie sung...."On the road again....." PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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My wife had to go out of town and I could not make it. I am very disappointed. I was very much looking forward to meeting the group. I will make the next event!

I have a shop in Fraser with welders and things if there is some interest maybe we can have a drum/pit building party/clinic. Let me know
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Had a great time and got to meet another SMF member, jts70. It difinitely is a pleasure meeting the SMF members. Also, bbq bubba, Tonto117 and bud's bbq were in attendance. Great seeing them again. All in all, learned some things (which is always good), gonna try some, and...... I won a bag of Billy Bones Lump Charcoal! biggrin.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Sorry bubba...PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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You are the luckiest Dawg!!! Good to see ya brother! wink.gif
Got a pretty good meal also.
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Wish I could have gone. But I did sign a nice job while finishing a good one this AM :{)

Sounds like good time was had by all... Next one!
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i might have to make some arrangements with you... my pit is at a standstill right now... holiday money was spent on holidays not

and my welder and welding skills are well not the
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Well I am sure we can help out somehow. What kind of pit are you building?
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heres the beginning of it

the only thing i have eliminated was the roller...u will understand when u open
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So what are you planning on doing in place of the roller?
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i am using the blue tank(former blue water tank)

havent got the firebox worked out yet, or the material for that

its right after christmas and not wanting to get depressed because i cant work on
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