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Fresh cut apple

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My parents have two dwarf apple trees in the yard. I recently heard mom mention that she wants to cut them down to re-route her driveway. The trunk is small, so splitting is easy. The question is, can you use branches of twig size or will they smoke and burn too much?
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Use it all. I use pruning shears for the small stuff, cutting to like 4-5 inch chunks. Control the fire with the inlet damper and you'll be fine.

On edit; the really small stuff might be OK to use immediately, but you'll need to split and season the bigger stuff. If it's small, maybe 4-6 months...right into prime smoking time!
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Just what I wanted to hear. Thanks.
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I lost a couple of Peach trees this year, I have used all of it from twigs to trunk. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Sounds good. Heck I might volunteer to help do moms yard work now.
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