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Freq. probs?

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I was just thinking that I'd like to have 6 probes on 3 different monitors. If they were from the same company is it possible to have frequency problems between the 3 monitors/probes? Are they all just tweeked enough so this won't cause any problems? Has anyone had trouble?

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Definately possible to have frequency issues. The ET-73's will cross up sometimes when used close together. You can run three probes on one monitor with a Nu-Temp set-up. Not sure if the Nu-Temps are prone to getting mixed up or not if you use more than one monitor as I have only had the one unit with three probes.
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Yep, set 3 maverick's together and they will all read the same thing, nobody was thinking that you might actually buy more than 1 probe at a time...
I have 3 different unit's so no cross contamination?? of readings PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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maybe get in touch with Maverick...might be a fairly simple mod to the Tx/Rx sections. Most wireless stuff these days is a digitally encoded signal, and usually has provisions for ID bytes/unit codes. Hopefully.
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I checked thru the tech specs on the maverick site, and they mention a 'registration" process, which leads me to believe ID bytes ARE sent. Perhaps leaving one unit running, and then re-register the others will force seperate ID's to be selected. I'm sure if ya call or drop them a line they'd have a quick answer...hopefully a positive one.
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