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i need a little advice please

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hello, i am soaking a goose in a brine at this time and i could use some help on what temp and for how long i should smoke it, its two legs and the breast still on the bone, thanks in advance for any help on thisicon_smile.gif
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I useally run geese at 250* till it hits 175* internal, i have only done breast filliets, so you may need to probe around for an even temp.
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ok thank you very much, ill have to get a meat thermometer next time im in town, im not sure what they look like are they the ones that have a gage on one end and pointy at the outher end?
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I have done quite a few geese. You didn't say domestic or wild. There is considerable difference. Domestic are bred for their big breast and since they don't fly, have little breast muscles. The breast is quite tender and white meat. Wild are narrower to cut the wind, have more muscles and are ususlly quite a bit darker meat and quite lean. Brining is good with any bird but especially helpful on the wild ones.

Regardless of which you are smoking, when smoking, I treat them just about the same as Turkey. Brine, inject and smoke/cook at 275F-325F. Looking for an internal temp of approx 165F minimum. I prefer 170F.

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I'll have to keep that in mind. I got a swan this fall that I'd like to smoke.
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it LEGAL to shoot a SWAN???!!!!!!

pitbull......this is want i am wanting for should ask too
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Sure is, they issue around 2000 tags for tundra swans here in ND.
post #8 of 12 that a diff. type of graceful swans we see in the parks?
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That I'm not quite sure.
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lol im in jamestown nd, i didnt know we could hunt swan? wow you learn something new every dayicon_biggrin.gif
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Cool, I was born and raised in Jamestown. Not sure when it started but I've been hunting them for 15 years.
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man thats just WRONG...........killing these beutiful birds..............

what time is supper?

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