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More help from the Pros PLEASE!!

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As most of you know I am just getting started on the commercial side of smoking so I may be the "postmaster" before too long.....

My situation: I have three customers that want brisket and pork next weeknd on two different days 22nd and 24th. I would obviously like to smoke all of this at once because it is a very small order, combined: 6 briskets and 3 shoulders. I do not want to compromise the quality of the product at all so do I try to hold the meat(freeze or fridge) from my 21st-22nd smoke until the 24th or do I "follow my heart" and smoke twice?
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What does each want, pulled or sliced, and which is first?
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i would do 2 cooks. you do not want to compremise the quality of your product. put on a good show and they will be repeat customers.
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Sounds like you are just getting started, I agree with BBQman. You never get a second chance to make a first inpression.
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Well, since you said "follow my heart" that is probably what you should do.

In the future if your heart changes or the schedule doesn't allow it, smoke it, then pull or slice and reheat the day of........or deliver cold depending on what the customer is looking for.

But for this time........cook twice.
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XTexan, I agree with everyone here. You probably got into the business because you enjoy smoking and you're proud of your work. Why take the chance to ruin your reputation just because you dont want to do 2 smokes?

My .02cts.... BTW, Good Luck!
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I vote for two smokes... follow your heart. Besides, that way you'll have twice as much fun! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I would do 2 smokes
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sounds like the heart knows best . good luck on both smokes
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