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OK, so this is more of a puzzle than a joke, but I figured you guys/gals would enjoy it anyway.


You are standing at the bottom of a set of stairs. On the wall is a light switch with 3 switches labeled "A", "B" and "C". Each switch controls 1 light upstairs. From where you stand, you cannot see any of the lights. You are permitted to make 1 trip up the stairs. How can you determine which switch goes with which light upstairs?
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OK, how about this:

Turn on one switch and wait a few minutes, then turn it off and flick on another switch. Then run upstairs. The lightbulb which is on belongs to the switch you just turned on, the lightbulb which is hot is connected to the switch which you first turned on, and the cold lightbulb is connected to the last switch you didn't touch.
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Winner winner chicken dinner.
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