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Now I'm Hooked

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I just did my first smoke last weekend in my new GOSM big block. My buddy and I smoked five different kinds of sausages, cornish game hens, chipotle pork tenderloin, salmon and a rack of ribs. We smoked at 200 degrees with hickory and mesquite with apple juice in the water tray. Everything was fantastic.

My next soiree includes smoking 100 pounds of meat for the New Year's weekend camping trip. I'll be feeding 60-70 people. It's a good thing I bought the Big Block !
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Welcome to SMF !!!
I love to hear success stories, now how about some Q view !!!
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Welcome to the forum! Your already on your way....continued suggest!
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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welcometo smf. yes,we love the QVIEW.
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Welcome to the SMF, don't forget some q-view of your big smoke.
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Welcome to SMF. Can you give some details on the pork tenderlion?
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Welcome to the site SoCal! Congrats on your first smoke. Good luck with all future smokes. Any questions you are in the right place. Enjoy.
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Well, I cheated and bought the Pork already marinated from Costco. I needed to come up with a fool-proof way to go before the big smoke on New Year's. The Raspberry Chipotle Pork T-loin evaporated before I got a picture for everyone to enjoy. It had a beautiful 1/2" smoke ring that empressed a lot of folks.
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Welcome to the SMF, good to see another So. Cal. smoker onboard. I think you made a good choice on the Big Block, what with all the meat you're gonna smoke. When you get the hang of it, post some Q Views for us, we're always waiting to see the results of a good smoke.
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Welcome to the SMF SoCal! smile.gif
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Welcome to SMF! It sounds like you're on your way to becoming the smoking genius of the neighborhood. biggrin.gif Just keep on "practicing" and if ya get stuck on how to do something, just ask. The folks here are always ready to share what they know!
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That's just what we like to hear. We love it when we hook another victim. redface.gif

Sounds like you are turning out some good work. Keep it up but next time share some Qview.

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Welcome to the SMF! wink.gif
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Welcome to the site, q-view helps keep us under control.
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Welcome to the forum. Nice to have you.
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Welcome to smf keep comin round!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome aboard and congrats on a successful smoke!
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