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Canadian Bacon question?

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I have 9 pounds of pork loin curing in the fridge right now, and I expect to be smoking it on Friday... My question is, other than in Cowgirls post, I have not seen anyone else topping their Canadian Bacon with anything..She used fresh cracked Black Pepper...I have seen on other recipes, where people have used cornmeal , and different mixtures on their Canadian Bacon..
I thought a combination of Cornmeal ,Black Pepper, and maybe some Turbinado sugar, or maybe maple sugar, might be a good combination to cover the Bacon....
Any suggestions? or should I just smoke it like it is??confused.gif
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It's been my experience to "trust your tongue". I seem to have an innate "taste sense" in that I can kind of off the cuff estimate the final flavors of dishes/mixed spices, etc. In other words..what sounds good?

The more of this you do, the better you will get at it too!
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Last one I did I treated the same as my bacon. After curring for 7-10 days I dried and painted it with 3 coats of molasses and maple sugar thinned with a bit of water. Placed in front of a fan to dry between coats. It makes for a really nice color after smoking.
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I only have done it once, added nothing after the curing. I would think maybe some maple syrup would be good. Grade B maple is the most mapley. Cut your loin in half and do different ways to see what you like! PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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I don't do anything with mine, just let the smoke do the talking biggrin.gif
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Thank you all for your input!
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That's why I like to cut large loins in half, I cure one half with dry always turns out great.
The other half I experiment with......each time I do something different.
If the half that I experiment with turns out bad, I know I have at least one half that is tasty. icon_mrgreen.gif
So far I've not had an experiment go wrong. I really liked the extra garlic and cracked black pepper on this last batch. It added more zip or something.
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great idea, I will remember this one :) AND a rep point!!!
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I've actually got 8 lbs curing now, might try the maple syrup thing on one.....actually sounds good to be honest.....but still I do love just pure alder smoke.........yummmy PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ive used the buckboard bacon recipe for canadian an enjoyed it.
I think it is very dificult to make bacon that doesnt taste good.
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I have 12 lbs curing for a Saturday smoke for dinner with the wifes family for xmas, I might try molasses and brown sugar on one section, I have four sections (2 loins each cut in half) to play with.

We did 12 lbs a moth ago (Buckboard style) and that is excellent bacon
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