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gosm wide vs. smoke vault

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i'm looking @ both & cost for the trailer... my question is how much can i load & how thick is the metal ? according to debi i can prolly do up to 12 9lb butts(3 per rack) or stack up to 8 racks or ribs(layed flat- 2 per rack 4 racks)
but my other main question is how much gas consumption. and say i'm doing 8-10 butts 3 days a week.... how long before i burn out the pit ???? i dang sure ain't getting the wally world model.(they're weekend warrior thickness)
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Mornin bro, your not gonna want to hear this but IMO and from my experience, you wanna be professional, you have to go professional!!
Time to step up to a commercial pit for the trailer, Spicewine, FEC, Backwood's,etc.
you'll want to be able to tend to business, not your smoker all day....
A full GOSM 3 times a week would certainly be an undertaking but doable but i agree you'll burn it out in no time!!
Good luck with your decision and let me know if i can help with any info on these unit's!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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thanx bubba. i'll have to check them out indepth & see them in action but these 2 look good to me althought the spicewine is kinda heavy-weight wise.
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I've seen a Cookshack in action and think they are excellent...if you want to set it and forget it type of cooking. You can put a ton (not really) of meat in one of these. I know they have at least two models, small and large. The one I've seen is electric. Stumps makes a good cooker as well, but is not electric. You can almost set it and forget it but still needs a little tender loving care once in a while. Good luck on your hunt for a cooker.
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thanx goose. this model looks pretty good & the weight is right.
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I never thought an electric unit could put out que that tastes good, but my friends brisket is to die for. I've only eaten better brisket when I do it myself!
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Wow Gypsy, I never thought I'd hear of a hardened stick burner such as yerself going electric! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif Makes sense for what you're doing though...
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it's a bitter pill but i'll have 1 of the twins out for show & tell lol. i'm still looking around- anyone else have models/ideas ?
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gypsy, i love my smoke vault! but its a home owners model will last the average joe years, but do not think it is what your looking .just my opinian. billPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Hon -

I'd give Shelly BBQPITSTOP a call she sells those Friedricks and they make great BBQ! They're even making a counter top model which will fit the trailer nicely!
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Gypsy, for business sake, go with the friedrich. If you need a million reasons why, call me. Deejay has my cell, which I won't post here, but don't take the plunge until you research the crap out of features, cost efficiency etc.

If you email me on my website I can email you my cell....or better yet, I'll PM you here....

hang in there a minute will ya?

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Gypsy,get yourself an Ole Hickory. You will NEVER regret it.
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so many nice options out there....PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif now it's coming down to a matter of weight. some different models that have the same capacity have weights from 110lbs to 600lbs.eek.gif still looking....
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Gypsy, I have cooked on both the Ole Hickory and the Southern Pride. IMHO if you are going into the business, one of these is the way to go. Big savings on wood costs and even bigger savings on lack of meat shrinkage. Personally, I love them.
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