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Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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FBJ, that's some awsome bacon......I think you got it just right. Thanks for sharing!
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Great looking bacon FBJ. Wish I could find a supply for pork belly's, hell I can't even find butt's anymore. Found butt's once at Sam's but not any more. There's a little Amish store I never tried yet, then bring their stuff down from Lancaster sell. Maybe I can talk them into bringing me some down, for the right price.
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He didnt share any with me. PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
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Joe -

Looks good! Just ask the butcher to get you a slab uncut. The place I get them from does the same thing - I go straight to the butcher and ask for whole bellies and he gives the to me - whole.
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Nice pics! Now I'm hungry. Our house is full of bacon addicts, so it never stays around too long. Based on the appearance I'm guesing your bacon will not be a long term resident of your fridge either..
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bacon Smoking

I finally did it . I got the pictures to work. I smoked bacon today. This its the smoker I build out of a bread warmer, and a old propane grill side burner. It works great so far.
I had to ream the nozzle out a little. It was only 9600 btu.
so I went up to 11100 btu's. Works better now. I smoked a deer ham last week that waighted 10 lb.s Took 11 hours. Hope the pictures come out.

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Sorry sawman, but all I got were red x's, no pics.
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I tried.....I think the language barrier was most of the problem.......but I ain't giving up. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I'll bring a translator and keep trying, but in the meantime I will keep buying what they got.
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Looks wonderful! I am wanting a blt right about now. Good work!!!
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