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I've been an RN for about three years in Houston. Love the profession and also loving my new old country wrangler smoker. I have had it for about a month and have gotten in a brisket, ribs and a turkey! Different days of course
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I am a carpenter have been one for 34 years
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Tech at a local dealership
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Tech at local dealership
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Retiring Mayor, Town of View Royal, BC Canada

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I manage a large municipal aquatic centre in Queensland Australia

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Health care provider within the VA system.
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I'm a health care recipient in the VA system! Welcome!
I wish all insurance companies would treat or consider VA care as "in network"
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I have worked in the steel industry for 14 years now. I started in My junior year of high school in web printing on midnights and the company closed it's doors in 99 so since living in Cleveland Ohio it just seemed like the best opportunity was to get in the steel industry. I work on a slitter line and hang gutters on the side up til last couple years. ( I hit 40) and now I umpire softball on the side now. I like to work ( pathetic I know)
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Professional Dad and SEast Field Serv Mgr for a moulding manufacturing and supply company that supplies big box stores as well as independent lumber yards. Been doing that for 8 yrs, college and baseball before that. Serious smoker since June this year. Love this stuff!
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I work at a brew on premise beer and wine making. Been doing it for sixteen years,it is such a rewarding experience. Enjoy the people and love the work.  

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I appreciate you guys posting about your occupations.

I saw that you work with importsand wanted to pick your brain about the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. I currently own a 20 minute think it's a great reliable car, but I want something has a little bit more comfort and excitement to drive. But will give me run the same feel economy. From what I've read, the Jetta TDI has everything that I want. My only concern is the reliability in the high maintenance cost of maintaining the diesel engine. Would I be a fool to think that the grass is greener on the other side if I trade in the prius to buy a used 2011 tdi? What are your thoughts on those cars? I have also considered 2008 Mercedes Benz turbodiesel E320. But the fuel economy is not as good.
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Information technology Analyst focused on security and Compliance for a major defense contractor (20+ years). Formerly US Navy Data Systems Technician and Rescue Swimmer (6 Years).

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@BroilerKing, I can't speak on the maintenance and upkeep but I purchased  Jetta TDI last year (2013 year model end of year) and I have never been as happy as I am with this car. Lots of get up and go with insane mileage. The "42 Average" is very very conservative. I have many times averaged greater than 50 MPG per tank with a recent trip to Wyoming and back averaging 46.8 MPG. Not one issue yet and I have read and spoken with other TDI owners that the maintenance costs in the long run are actually less due to the life of diesel engines in general being much longer. Many have said to expect 5-600K or more out of this car. I tend to believe it thus far, it's been rock solid through the first 20K.

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You convinced me! Prius is up for sale. Thank you much for the reply!
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Team leader for robotic maintenance crew. Been programming,teaching and repairing robots for 16 years
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I'm a claims consultant for an insurance company. Been in the business for 25 years. Love my job and love cooking out doors. Smoking is new for me but I'm so looking forward to all the new recipes and adventures!!
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I'm a realtor by day...... hubby drives truck..
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I am a heavy equipment operator in an organic compost yard on the weekday and on the weekend I sell smoked bbq brisket sandwiches.  I wish I could do my weekend job all week.

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I'm a 12 year British Army veteran. (Battle Tank driver) I now drive a fuel tanker delivering to gas stations all over the south of England. One day hope to open my own BBQ restaurant.
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