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I'm a boat captain for USM. I basically take scientists and students out to the barrier islands to conduct research. It's all a bit beyond my knowledge but its pretty cool stuff.
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Just changed jobs - maintenance manager for large food company

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Been in the autobody buisness since 1980. Done it all. Presently a paint dept. supervisor in a multi-location facility.

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Hi folks- I am a precious metals buyer, purchasing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium, in all forms. I conduct private and commercial gold parties, and, am a jewelry appraiser for a number of estate sale companies.

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I am a millwright, in Ontario Canada. I repair turbines , pumps,  compressors. I am in Local 1592 in Sarnia, Ontario.  I received a smoker for Christmas

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Fire chief been a firefighter for 34 years.
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I build cities of the future.

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Well think I already said this..but I am an old retired cop. 37 years worth..The hardest whipping I ever got was when my Daddy sent me out with two smooth rocks and I happen to only come back with one squirrel for supper. I shoot guns very good. In fact at a hundred yards shooting from the hip I can knock the eye out of fly. I just need to know which eye you wanting removed. With large calibers sometimes a person can pluck out both eyes at once. That is where .22s can come in handy. 

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Hi folks. I'm a shipping coordinator for a paper mill. Before that, I managed a pizza kitchen.
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Warranty Administrator at a Chevrolet Dealer. 

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field service technician for Komatsu mining equipment!!!

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Retired from telephone company
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I'm a lineman in California. Worked for a major California utility for 11 years and am currently working for the largest California municipality for the past 6 years. Right now I hold the job title of troubleshooter.
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CNC Machinist

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Army 11C , infantry Mortarman. Only a couple months left in service until I get back to civilian life.
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Master scientific Glassblower. Design and fabricate custom apparatus for research applications.

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Workcenter supervisor for Wetsco Inc. We are in a strategic alliance with Bayer healthcare and refurbish medical ultrasound transducers. I manage the crystal element/array repair shop. Got my education at Ok State, construction management. Go figure lol.

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Former Marine, Journeyman Lineman and now Apprentice Substation Electrician
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I am an account manager and logistics specialist with Alturnamats. We manufacture the original "Ground Protection Mat"!
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I am a farmer/rancher Coffee and Beef cows always praying one of the two is making money.

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