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37 years in machinery maintenance, mostly in the can making business with a couple of other jobs in between, just retired this week at the tender age of 53 due to ill health, bit of a double edged sword really but will try and use it to the best advantage. The company I've finished with, is the company I served my time with, 28 years combined service with time off in between for good behaviour !

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Huge variety of occupations in here. I see a lot of retired or nearly so. Makes me wonder what I'll be tinkering in when I get to that part of my life.


I'm a freelance graphic designer, living in Uruguay.

Hi LivinNLearnin.


The first thing you'll find out that you always will run out of time , all days will look shorter then before... LOL

But myself , well I enjoy it ! A LOT !


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Hi LivinNLearnin.


The first thing you'll find out that you always will run out of time , all days will look shorter then before... LOL

But myself , well I enjoy it ! A LOT !


I've already got that problem FrankBE!! LOL

And I have no problem sharing that beer with you either. thumb1%20copy.gif

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Im a chef 20 yrs on the job , not the easyest way to earn a crust but very rewarding
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Journeyman Machinist, making parts for the aerospace industry. Currently a button pusher at one of the big name manufacturers, Honey-its-swell...

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Machinist at a big name Outboard Motor company. 

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I'm a writer and speaker, with the themes of food and wine splattered in.


(Basically I get people drunk, either on "life" - via motivational attitude and upbeat messages - or on delicious vino, paired with enormous platters of exotic, healthful, and minimalistically prepared food).

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I'm in IT. I do data loss prevention and regulatory compliance consulting for as it related to internet communications. This is my 10th year in the field. Previous to IT I trained at JWU for culinary arts and worked as a meatcutter for 4 years in a high end, local grocery store chain.

I'm also an avid gardener and I dabble in wood working/small carpentry projects in between trips out to add more wood to the smoker.

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I'm a Hoghead...!!! Locomotive Engineer for the UPRR... sausage.gif
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5 years in the Coast Guard, then15 years as a paramedic. Recently with a MedEvac helicopter service.

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I own an air conditioning and heating company.  Have been in the business for about 30 years.

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I'm in the compressed gas business. So you can say I pass gas for a living. :laugh1:

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I like the passin gas thing! LOL I guess its a guy thing.
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i work for a demolition com

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I work for a University as a Military Counselor helping active duty and Military Veterans earn their degree.

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Worked 30 years for a Sheriff's Dept. Loving retirement and smokin.

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I am an Optician by trade but currently unemployed do to recent move

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Retired Army officer (4 years as an enlisted man) with 21 years of active duty. Now working with veterans at VA hospital.
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Occupation-I work in Commercial real estate, and property management.


I really enjoy smoking, grilling and BBQing  food.  Have a pellet grill/smoker, a gas grill, a gas smoker, and a Big Green Egg.


Always looking for new things to make things easier and tasty.

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I'm in Major Account Sales for an office technology firm that specializes in Managed IT Services, Managed Print Services & Document Management Solutions.

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