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What's your occupation?

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I'm curious to learn what y'all do to support this and your other hobbies.
(I did do a search for this topic, couldn't find any evidence that this subject has come up before; if it has point me in the right direction!)

Myself, I've worked for the same company for 27 years - a fossil fueled (coal) power generation station. Worked rotating shifts for most of those years as a control room operator. Last July I took the salaried position of Database Coordinator; straight days, weekends & holidays off.
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No job as of now. Maybe soon?
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vinyl flooring installer used to do this along with carpet........over 20 years.......

but my health won't let me work at the moment..........( WONDER he is always here)..........

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If you click on a person's stage name and view their public profile, some will list the occupation there. I'm a Senior Systems Analyst.
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Since my service in the USAF and honorable discharge after the Gulf war in 91, I have always made my living in professional sales. First as an electrical sales engineer in the automation and control industry. After 9 fairly successful years I began to get frustrated as I watched too much of the local industry moving its manufacturing outside of our own borders to "save a few dollars" at the expense of our own local working class.

Fortunately I "lucked" into an opportunity at my ex-father-in-laws car dealership 10 years ago. That lasted right up to my divorce when I had to look for another job, but lucky for me I learned alot and found that I truly enjoy selling cars.

I am currently working with a dealership in Canton, Ohio, as a sales manager. Our new car lines include Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche, Mazda, VW, and Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge.

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Warehouse Manager/Delivery Coordinator
OK, now the real truth. I work for a large paper company that just this last summer opened up a new location where I live, so I take care of the shipping, receiving and drive truck for the deliveries because I am the only one employed on the back side of the business so far. There is a manager, 2 sales people and me; and the management and sales people are rarely ever there. My official title there is Warehouse.
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what's my job?

I've been working at a non ferrous scrap metal yard for the past 23 years, I know how long cause I got married the same year started working there and the wife would never let me forget our anniversery, I started working there as a general labourer and now I'm the forman. almost like I know what I'm doing lol. anyway it's a great place to get together the stuff ya need to build your own smoker hehehehePDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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Journeyman Lineman

I am a Journeyman Lineman Utility worker building and maintaining electrical power lines.. been doing it for 23 years and wouldn't change it for the world it's a very fasinating job where i have handled any thing from 110 volts to 500,000 thats electrifying
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I work on a farm Soybeans and corn no farm animals
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Journeyman Wireman 22 years experience.
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what i do

worked for twelephone company for 40 plus ears as a engineer in diffrent parts of state of indiana
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A Sgt. with the Sheriff's Office. Been there a little over 17 years.
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I'm a construction site safety manager. I work for a construction management company and they hire me out for various projects. Currently working with an electrical contractor on a data center project, which should carry me till the end of February. Prior to that I was with the primary electrical contractor on a multi-billion dollar semiconductor project. That project lasted 14 months. Before that I worked as an electrican.
My primary hobby is my smokin and a new found use for my gas grill, roasting coffee and seeing if my palate can pick up the nuances of single origin coffee's from around the world.
Good food, good coffee, good golly I think I'm on to something here.
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I am semi retired for the moment. I am being bought out of our peat moss and potting soil plant by my brother and mother. My friends and I are just about done with remodeling my barn into a shop to make juniper furniture. I have been in ranch life, heavy equipment, all my life. icon_smile.gif
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I install fire sprinklers for a living and the wife and I own a beauty salon that she runs, we also make signs, with a Compucarve, and picture frames that we sell and display at the beauty shop.

I also retired from the volunteer fire department a few years ago after 20 years on the department.
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I'm a G.S. Engineer retired for 23 years.
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I R A DORK icon_mrgreen.gif
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i work for the county road dept i been doing this for ten years now i am really good at leaning on a shovel coffee breaks and lunch are my favorite times of the day well except quitting time which is my all time fav dont get me wrong i love hard work i can sit down right next to it and watch it all day long LOL
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Thats great Huey. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Did you ever read that comic strip, "the wizard of Id" ? They always made fun of the high way dept, but both you and Monty would fit. wink.giftongue.gificon_razz.gif
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I work for a company that handles many accounts,Mosley all warehousing, the acct. I'm in handles large rolls of brown paper weighing in at 4,ooolb to 7,800lb called rollstock for a company that makes cardboard boxes
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