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i have the same issue

except mine are with ribs, whenever i smoke ribs i feel like i'm biting into aluminum foil


it all started on a gas grill, i would foil wood chips and let them go and then my ribs tasted like foil

fast forward 5 years, i just made beef ribs on 14 wsm and i just took them off and tried a bit and other than the fact that they taste like they've been coated in salt (anotherr crises i may start a separate topic on) i have that same aluminum taste in my mouth


any thoughts???

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One of two probabilities. As mentions above nitrates/nitrites which seems less unlikely than creosote build up. This can be caused by not enough air flow where the smoke sits on the meat too long. Did the meat also give a slight numbing sensation to the tip of the tongue? If so that's your culprit.

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