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My new Stuffer

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I just received my new Grizzly 5 lb.vertical stuffer today. When I opened the box the plastic gear that drives the piston up and down was broken. Can any one give me any advice on the stuffer. Should I allow Grizzly to replace it or should I say clear of this stuffer and move on to another type or brand?
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Get it replaced, Grizzly has great customer service and usually great equipment!!
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well mossy,should you say it or should iPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Just recieved mine 3 days ago in excellent condition, they do have great customer support.
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Now I am waiting patiently for Mossy's advice.
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let them show you some customer service and a chance to fix it , I know Deejay and Smoked and a few others have that same stuffer and are well pleased with them prolly will be too ... to bad it came damaged though .
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I agree with T-bone Tim since you purchased the stuffer allready, give the manufacturer the opportunity to make it right with you. If they will not replace parts or the unit, return it. If they make it right with you and a while or years down the road you want metal gears, replace them with Sausagemaker replacement gears. I think Grizzley is a good stuffer, despite the material used to make the gears (IMHO).
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I got mine from Grizzly a year ago but it was nylon gears. I have a few friends that bought the newer plastic (which BTW LEM now uses) with no problems. For an extra $30 you can order metal.
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Are you saying that I can order metal gears for my Grizzly stuffer? I couldn't find any reference on their web site.
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Just in case...

Just in case they don't stand by it or you're still not satisfied, check out Northern Tool's 15lb. stuffer with metal gears, all the reviews are excellent and I just ordered one, I'll tell you about it in 5-7 business days after I get it! It is On Sale; reg. $289, on sale for $169 - super price for a 15lb'r!
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Dang brother that sucks got a new toy and you can't play with it. I would give the manufacturer a chance to make it right with ya
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I used a 5 pounder from the "Sausage Maker" that had nylon gears for years without any problems...just wasn't big enough for my. Ended up getting a FDick .

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