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Check this base model out...

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It looks pretty good in the pics anyway. I sent the guy an email asking what guage/thickness steel he's using. I also asked him if he has a price list of the models he offers. He says he and his partner will build them to customers specs also... still waiting for a reply email.

It ain't a Lang, but it might be worth looking into... plus, they are based in NY... a whole lot closer to me.
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once again hawg.......the cooking surface is abit aways from the edge of the trailer......looks like a lot of leaning forward to reach the cooking surface......if that can be adressed........good looking rig
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Yeah, I noticed that also... it is hard to tell just how convenient or inconvenient the location of the chamber is until you actually stand next to one. This isn't a huge trailer, so maybe it won't be too bad.

Stay tuned...
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It looks well built and it has a heat gasket around the firebox door.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The only other thing that I can think to ask, or take notice of, would be the firebox lays right on the trailer floor. How hot would that area of the trailer get if touched by your (or someoneelses) hands or legs? Just a thought ......... I LOVE the price ...... and your right about it being relatively close for us. Keep us posted on his answers, I am very interested ...... group rates for two????
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the steel thickness is right in his ebay post..
fire box 1/4 the rest 3/16 if I remember correctly..

Nice smoker.. The wife would shoot me..
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Hey, Phil, I just noticed this line in the ad.

"........It is made out of 3/16" plate rolled. The fire box is made out of 1/4" plate........"

That's a decent thickness for that size smoker. The price is right too. Also, their shop looks clean (it may sound silly, but you can tell a lot from a persons work area).

Good luck if you buy it. I'd love to see shots of the interior of the cooking chamber, as well as the quality of the welds.
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Dang, I missed the thickness thing... musta been too excited and stupidly glossed right over that! Sheesh!! rolleyes.gif

Thanks for the update...
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looks good ..... buy it.... I am pretty close to Newark.... then again if your mobile.... HDG MD is only about 20-30 min from Newark... there are some pretty good parties down here at Gramasons or the Busted Luck Hangout....
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We have to get something together and do some Q... !

I dunno if I can swing it right now with the HollyDaze upon us, but I can always ask Santa for one... I've been a good boy! eek.gif
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i have to agree.... even if the trailer is small, you will still be leaning over alot to get into the cooker.

its a nice looking rig but as it is said in the listing, you can custom make one. i would move the smoker over about 6"'s and not have the firebox touching the trailer, lots of heat could come through the metal of the trailer..
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