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michigan craigslist find

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a little closer to home

i have been looking at this one for awhile now, when it drops to $500 i'll take

this one needs a little work but is usuable

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I wish I could find a trailer unit for sale closer to me !......then I'd have ANOTHER SMOKER icon_eek.gifbiggrin.gif
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Says $800 or best offer. Offer him that $500 and see what he's says.
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Been watching that for a while, i think he started out at $1500.00
Cindy just looked over my shoulder and said i don't think so PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
Where's Crewdawg?? I got something to show ya!!biggrin.gif
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Just sent it to Marktee. Sheesh, it's 15 min from my place. Could use it for a firebox for the Beast!
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Amanda just told me "ditto"

if i got that one then i wouldnt have to continue on my new project (for now
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He sent me some other pictures, the firebox needs repair and the doors are sprung and don't seal. It needs work for sure
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Hey Mike...stopby Roll Call and say Howdee!
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I just did thanks!
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