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craiglist smoker

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Found this on craigs list they want $40 for it.
Thinking about buying it. Should I bother looking at it?

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For $40.00 why not. As long as it's not rusted thru that a good deal.
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How far away is the determining factor. $40 is cheap, and probably worth close to that in scrap. But it might not be worth another 40 in gas.
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it's not that far, I'm going to about 2mi from there today might go look at it at least. maybe I can get them down some more. They really want it gone.
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Just check the bottom or wherever water may sit. It's gotta be worth 40 if it ain't swiss cheese!
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That's what I'm worried about since it's at a aprtment complex. I was hoping they used that swimming pool to cover it. it's only a year or so old.

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The Knuckles know, Glue. Not so gently rapping , rapping by the smoker door! Heh
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Ya buddy, a Chargriller for $40.00........the firebox is worth that alone!
Needs some work but still a good savings, let us know how it goes!icon_mrgreen.gif
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You can always use parts for another build, i'd buy it
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Rich, that pun was really Poe.....
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It looks like the back of a Charbroil Silver Smoker.. For $40 I would buy it fast.
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To much of my surprise it was in better condidtion in person then what the picture showed it to be. When I saw how good of shape it was I didn't hesitate. I'll take some pics and post them tomorrow!
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Congrats bud on finding a great deal , gotta love it when that happens icon_lol.gif
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Thanks tim.

It's a brinkman smoke-n-pit.
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owwww! <grin>
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Did you feel bad for their sake? Shame on you! LOL

Congrats!!! Now if I could just run into that kind of deal.
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nice score,well worth the 40 bucks in my opinion.

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I got my CharGriller side box for $35, NIB.smile.gif
Walked into WalMart a couple of years ago just in time to hear them announce that everything in Lawn & Garden was 50-75% off (clearing out for Christmas merchandise).
I figured I'd go check it out and see what kind of junk they had left.
The smoker caught my eye but it didn't have a reduced price tag on it yet, asked the guy how much, he checked his paperwork and said $35. It was a display model, kinda dirty from sitting outside all summer and the thermometer was broken. Figured I couldn't go wrong at that price though. I told him I'd take it but I'd have to go back and get my pickup haul it home. He pointed to some unopened boxes on the floor and said "We still have three new ones, will that fit in your trunk?". Yes it did. tongue.gif
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You lucky dog you. I wish I could have came across a deal like that when I got into smoking.
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Nice score! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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