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My Apologies!

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Sorry for the fast exit from chat tonight! Power went out. Fun out here in the boonies. On generator now and hoping I did not leave anyone wondering.

I do not often find the time to jump into the chat room and I m really disappointed that the forces of nature whacked me again!

Cheers, All!
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Monty the way you were falling in and out we just figured your connection went! Good luck my friend!
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Glad everything is ok, we are still in chat by the way.
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No big deal monty. You'll get plenty of chances! I'm trying to push friday and saterday chat's benn doing pretty good! c ya next time.
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Whew!! I thought maybe the scotch had kicked in!!PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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Actually enjoying a wee dram of The Glenlivet at the moment. Neat and unadulterated.

Not "on call" till 12/01 officially so I can refuse a call. Nothing going to happen tonight anyway. Just gonna be cold. 17F right now!

Will catch you all or y'all again!

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MMM Glenlivet, wish I had some nice sipping scotch right now.
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My all time favorite is Dalwhinney. A highland scotch whiskey of incredible taste. Plus my grandfather Montgomery once worked there!

But at $60+ a 500ml bottle I sample it only occasionally!

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Wow must be good stuff! I never really aquired a taste for sipping liquior. I actually never like beer until I started making it myself - but then until then all I ever tries was Bud, Miller, Schaffer, Heinekin and a few others! icon_wink.gif
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Very early on in my adult life when legal to experience adult beverages my grandfather gave me a short primer on the various scotch whiskeys.

Since then I have enjoyed the range of whiskeys from Scotland and hope soon to embark on a tour of a number of distilleries.

And I have also brewed beer and made wine. Never had a bad batch of beer but a few attempts at wine were horrible. But I also worked up a few good wines.

And as I have always said, "If there is a situation presenting itself where a sip of any type of spirit is called for I will not be fussy, only grateful!"

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I'm usually sippin' bourbons, but my Uncle stopped by to pick up a rasher of bacon and a couple pheasants he left in my care a while back. Payment? A fifth of grappa. Old School Italian moonshine :{) Quite smooth too, surprisingly so. Hmmm be right back... :{)
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I think I ran into some grappa at one time. Some of my mother's side married Italian many years ago when the North End was the "North End", if ya know what I mean, Boston wise.

Ran into it at a wedding when a second cousin took me over to where the "guys was hanging out". Whew! What an experience! Great stuff but ONLY in moderation.

I do enjoy an occasional bourbon. I keep a bottle of Dickles Green Label for a friend who stops by on occasion. She was raised in the South and never fails to point out to me that the South will rise again!

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