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i use the finer stuff,seams to smoke easier at lower temps.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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...how does the ccsv handle in cold outdoor temps?...
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i did a batch of venison bacon last wk , it was abought 20 deg out and handled it quite well. just ran it a little hotter than norm.but i do think i may be starting to have regulater problems.i might have to replace mine am having a hard time keeping a flame at all.twards the end of my cook i had to switch tanks about 3 times. it was reall strange id switch and burn good for 1/2 hr and lose pressure switch again and burn good again .almost like it was 40below with tanks freezing up any ideas?
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...I can't imagine having freeze up problems that warm... I'm with you thinking the reg may be having grief....I've had that same thing happen before.
If you have one to steal off another rig, it would be a quick check.
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Don't know if they ship to Hawaii, but Amazon has them for $265 with free shipping.  You just have to inspect it carefully for possible damage during shipment.  My first one had several dings.  When I contacted Amazon to report that is was damaged they shipped a new one immediately and paid for the return.

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