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Going at it again

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Guys, I'm doing 3 racks of ribs today. Quick question though; I have a Maverick ET-73. I am hangng the smoker probe between the grates and close to the opening to the firebox. Is there anything wrong with this? I think this gives me a more accurate reading. Any thoughts?
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Between the grates would probably fine but i think away from the firebox would be better. wherever you have you're meat at is where you want your probe. Might consider the whole probe throught the potato thing that everybody takes about.
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I'm going to have to try the potato thing next time. Thanks for the reply, I do have it very close to the meat. The wind is killing my temps a little bit, it's tough to get it up to 230
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I use a big onion it's great sliced up later! wink.gif
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230 should be great for ribs. did some las week at 200 and they were great.
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