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Smoker questions

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The smoker I am building is nearing completion.
As a matter of fact, all that is left to do is to put in the slides for the racks. I will get that done today. Almost everyone on SMF knows that I do not cook with a thermometer, however this smoker is a little different. What is the trick about putting the probe in a potato? My smoker is air tight with with the exception of the chimney and I plan on tightening up the damper on it. Do I need vent holes in the bottom? How big? How many? Do they need to be adjustable? The size is about 19 X 21 X 40. It has 1 1/2 inches of insulation everywhere except the door and it has 2".
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Think we all need some more info. Is it offset, box, gas, charcoal? I would put a thermo i just cause but that is just me. I have heard to use a wireless probe through a potato and put it on the grates but you still have to have a place for the transmitter wire to run out.
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It is a box smoker using an electric heating element.
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I believe that is to keep it off the metal of the grill and give a truer grate level temp.

You need vent holes at the base for convection to carry the air, and therefore the smoke... thru the smoker and out. Otherwise you get nasssty smoke buildup. I would make them adjustable, mainly 'cause I LOVE adjusting things :{) Cut a 2" hole and then a cover with a 2.5" hole saw plug and screw it over the hole as an adjustment.
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Thanks Rich. I just did not want to cut unnecessary holes in my "limited edition" (1 of 1) smoker.
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"Limited Edition" I like it! You could name it L'Ed! Grin
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Hey Goat,
My electric doesn't have vents in the bottom, I'm not sure if it would be advantageous for me to put them in or not...
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But I've already cut the hole.
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