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What the heck was that?

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I arrived at my in-laws to finish off my ham in their GOSM. They bring out this turkey that has been presmoked to warm up too. no problem.

There is turkey in the oven so the smoked one was just a spare.

Apparently this was supposed to have been smoked by a professional.
However when I pulled the foil back to see what they smoked it with, I knew something was Terribly wrong! It didn't smell like it had been smoked,It smelled like somebody spritzed it with pond water.PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Looked like it too!

Now I gave the benefit of the doubt and tasted it too.I have had my share of bad smokes,but it has never been inedible.
Even while my wife was bagging some for the pets, She complained about the smell on her hands! That was by far the worst smoked turkey I have ever seen in my entire life!I'm glad there was one in the oven!
What kind of professional smoked that!

Now not only do I have to do the hams I have to do the turkeys too.
I don't mind though. I guess that's what they get for NOT asking me to smoke one in the first place.
I guess we know who the true "professional" is now LOL!

I hope all had a great thanksgiving and there turkey's were better than that one!
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Hope no one (including the pets) got sick! Brings to mind that old saying that if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Who ever did it hopefully will find this site before they go out of business. Glad ya'll had a backup.
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Or perhaps not find it and go out all the sooner, saving the digestive systems of all men and animals!

I remember years ago my Dad had a buddy that had gotten a smoker and made some fish and jerky he brought over. OMG was it bad. I think he used pine!
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To be completely fair, you might find out who the person was and tell them what you encountered. He/she may have had a bad bird or something and might want to know for safety reasons.

Glad you had the spare! Hopefully noone at the gross one.
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i agree you need to contact the "professional" and let him know that he may have got a batch of bad birds or his units not working properly
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I don't think the meat was bad. I think it was bad seasoning and what not.
May have been overwhelmed by the holidays. Who knows.

I know where it came from,but don't want to publicly bash there business from one experience. I will say it was from sapupla ok.

I think the only bad unit was their brain!
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That stinks. (literally and figuratively! :-)) I wonder if they used a nasty brine?

I'm just all about feedback. If you're making crap, I'm going to tell you! :-D Was your bird pretty good?
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Mother-n-law did the bird in the oven and was great as always.

I just did the ham. When I go back today to get my camera I'll post on it.

I should have taken a pic of that nasty bird!

I will be dropping by to tell them about the bird though!
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