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New Remote Roasting Thermometer

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Today I just received a new meat thermometer it's suppose to be remote, I'm going to try to and use it on my first fatty when I get home from work tonight.
Anyone use one of these? It really looks like it could be really cool, it say it can be used up to a hundred feet away and my patio is less than maybe 30 ft. at the most.
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Is it a Maverick ET-73? That is what I use and I love it!
Looks like this ...
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I got one with my birthday is pretty cool. I am setting mine for every 20* or so. So I can go check the fire and such, plus just usin the timer stting. Mine only displays the time and timer on the remote. I wish now I had gotten the more expensive version, that displays more on the remote. What they need is therm to monitor the ambient temp with a remote...then you could see the temp of you smoker from the couch!
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Yup, its a Maverick, my husband went shopping at Costco and picked it up, what a surprise, nice present and a great way to wake up in the morning. I'm a real happy camper.icon_lol.gif
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Is it the ET-73 ? If so, you're gonna love it!
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It's a great thermometer but I wouldn't count on it working at 100 ft. away. The bad thing is when it does go out of range there is no warning, it will just sit on the last temperature it read. The range is further limited if you bring the receiver inside your house.
If I am in the front part of my house even though I'm only 40 ft away from the smoker at times it will lose the signal. Play around with it and you'll find what works for you.

Enjoy it!
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I have had the same experience as Ron described ...
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No, it is a Maverick ET-77 and I'm finding I am having the same problem Ron described, 5 minutes into the house it beeps and stops registering so... out came my two year old digital themometer that you have to run back and forth to check, but thats okay... I'll figure it out and I'm sure it will be a dream... Hope, hope, hope. I love new toys, the excitment is playing and getting it to work. icon_lol.gif
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Hi Cat:

I think you are going through the standard learning curve. I also have the 73. It's great but did take a little experimenting to learn it's range and limitations. You are doing what I did, use something I knew and the Maverick as backup, until I learned it.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Used new wireless therm this year too

Got it real cheap at Target - $19. so I wasnt expecting much, but it had great range even inside my house. I had it next to my bed upstairs while the turkey was on overnight.
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I love mine, only used it twice so far. Mine does work 100 ft away if I am outside, but like someone already said, through the walls of the house, you have to find the best place to sit it. I really love it when you need to get some sleep( Briskets or butts) or if its really cold out.

Make sure you check the probes with the unit for calibration. I checked mine yesterday, and at boiling, my food probe was 212, while my chamber probe was 207 in the same water at the same time. No big deal, just hafta remember and adjust accordingly.icon_smile.gif
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And therefore, so is he? Grin...
I hear they are the "cat's azz" of thermom's.
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