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i got my turkey

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in the brin waiting to go. it is going to snow here tonight they say 2 to 4 inches but i will smoke away regardless neither rain nor snow will keep from smoking tomorrow. i also got my new thermometer i cant wait to try the e7. you all have a great thanksgiving.happy smokingicon_biggrin.gif
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I've been up in your area when my son played hockey, but I don't miss the snow anymore. Good luck with your turkey!
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Show that old bird just 'whose the boss". tongue.gif I like your spirit. Hangin' in there through thick and thin. When you started out with "Neither rain, nor snow, etc." it soulded sort of like the old saying by the postal workers. You know, about delivering the mail!! icon_rolleyes.gif

I am here in the cold and the damp and the drizzel. Kinda glad we don't have snow added to it. I remember from living in snow country that once you learn to deal with it, it isn't so bad. Being away from it for so long now, it is like starting over every time.

Hope you and your family have a great T'Day.

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Welcome to the SMF! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Good luck with your smoke and take pictures for us if you get the chance.smile.gif
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I got my turkey too!

Good luck on your Turkey happy Thanksgiving to you too!
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I got my turkey too. It is in the fridge right now. I get off work tonight at 2300 (11p.m.). I will take a shower and go to bed when I get home. I am getting up at 0400 and firing up the smoker, putting the bird in at 0500. We plan on eating at 1300 (1p.m.). If it is a bit later, oh well. My wife is baking all the pies today. She got a recipe for stuffing off the recipes section that she is going to make. I am going to use oak and mesquite for the bird.
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