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back bacon?

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I might have completly made this up, but has anyone heard of back bacon, as in bacon cut from the back, as opposed to belly, of the hog? no one up here (in Maine) knows what Im talking about, but I would have sworn I had heard of it somewhere.
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Usually the loins are used for canadian or buck board bacon..........good stuff!!cool.gif
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Back bacon or Canadian bacon

Back bacon before being sliced

Back bacon is a lean meaty cut of bacon.
Canadian bacon is a term used in the United States but elsewhere it is simply back bacon. It refers to any lean meaty cut of bacon. In Canada back bacon is sometimes known as peameal bacon, which refers to a specific variety of unsmoked lean bacon that has been sweet pickle-cured and coated in yellow cornmeal (originally, as the name suggests, peameal was used). Other proteins, such as turkey and beef, can be made in the style of peameal bacon by employing this same sweet pickle and cornmeal process.
In the US, products sold as "Canadian bacon" are very often nothing more than pieces of ham cut into circles; not the true peameal bacon popular in Canada. Such "Canadian bacon" is a popular ingredient in fast-food breakfast sandwiches, including the Egg McMuffin.

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thanks a bunch!
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