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What do you have ready to drink, and what's on deck for upcoming brew days?

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Let's talk beer! What are you guys and girls stocking away for the winter season?

On tap, I have IPA, Brown Mild and American Pale.

Hurricane Porter is fermenting away (brewed it last Saturday during the hurricane that came up the east coast, hence the name).

Two more kegs of American Pale ready for tapping, along with two more kegs of IPA, and another keg of Brown Mild.

Next up is a stout, and maybe a nice crisp lager.
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No beer fermenting, but do have some pumpkin wine that should be done in time for the holidays.
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I've got about some porter on hand and just opened the first bottles of a German altbier this weekend. Next on my list is an American Amber.
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I have quite a collection going on... I keep it at the liquor store around the corner... wink.gif
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On tap: Imperial IPA, Pumpkin Porter, Coffee Sweet Stout, American Barley Wine.

Fermenting: American Barley Wine, Amber, Flanders Red and a Mead.
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I sorta wish I had that kind of collection available. The nearest liquor store that has any kind of selection is 40 miles away. That's what got me started on brewing my own.
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Actually, my wife bought me a starter kit, which I have yet to fire up. Me thinks it's time... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice... barley wine! Never brewed one myself. Never done a mead either, but I'm thinking about trying it this winter.
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Both are awesome winter beverages. Actually, I like them year round!
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As soon as I can get my hands on the rest of the gear I need, I'll be starting a Belgian abbey-style and possibly an IPA. The latter will depend on the availability of the hops I want.

If all else fails, I'll take a trip to the nearest Trader Joe's and stock up on Chimay. icon_mrgreen.gif
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I got 2 IPA's...SG 1.080 and a 1.062. and 2 ciders SG on those is a 1.068 one with ale yeast and the other with wine yeast.

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I have Brown Ale conditioning in 6L "pigs", a Christmas Wit in the Secondary, and plan to brew a Brown Ale to get the Primary occupied tomorrow.  Here's the Christmas Wit:


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I have a good old American pale ready to bottle if I could only get some time to actually bottle it.

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Get a keg system! For the time saved it's worth every penny!!!! And you can carbonate in 3 days or less. Cheers.
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4 1/2 gallons of blueberry wine in primary, 1 gal of mango/peach wine in secondary and a few bottles of apple cider waiting for Christmas..


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I have a Fireside Ale tapped, Brown Ale conditioning, a Rosalare Red in the secondary, and a Irish Red in the primary.

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Well, let's see...Irish Red and Blue Moon clone on tap, an RIS, Porter, WH Honey Ale and American Hefe bottled. A light Cream Ale fermenting and several Meads at vaious stages. Oh, and I just started a Rice Wine on Friday.


My favorite right now...a nice Irish Red.


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I have an assortment of 6-7 brews kegged and sitting in the keezer. I currently have 2wo Pale Ales on tap in the kegerator. I have 1 batch ready for dry hopping, 1 ready to keg and another past ready for the secondary. Each one is made with different combinations of hops.

I'll get to them sooner or later, but I have a pork butt and a splatchcocked chicken to smoke tomorrow...
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I just get mine at the store
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I have a couple of winter beers left on tap and the spring beers are ready. Here is what is on tap: Irish Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Belgian Saison, Belgian Wit, and an American Wheat with Rye. A Marzen is kegged and ready (I know, its April but I didn't decide to make the Marzen until mid-March) and a Boston Lager is in the tertiary bucket. Have to decide what to brew next. I also have 7 meads and a maple port aging in buckets.

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