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When using Encapsulated Citric Acid

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I found this last night and had never heard it before. Stands to reason that it is correct.

When using Encapsulated Citric Acid in sausage, always stop/turn off the smokehouse when the temp of the sausage reaches 134*. This allows for better melting of the Encapsulate and produces a better product. Then resume your normal cooking schedule and finish.
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Goat, What does the Citric Acid do for sausage? Is it just a flavoring?
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It gives your summer sausage, snack sticks, pepperoni, etc., that little tang flavor.
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Sounds like smething I would like to try. Where can I get Encapsulated Citric Acid? Is it available at any store?
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I keep acid blend for my wine making. I wonder if it would be the same in a sausage???
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goat ... Not to hijack your thread, but hows that new smoker comming along?
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Cajun, I worked on it a little yesterday and have the frame built, the bottom and back on. Today I am driving 140 miles to the closest town in order to get some hardware for the smoker and some groceries also. I will have it going in a few days.
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My God ... I thought I was in the sticks. Hope that's 140 miles round trip. Well keep us informed and have a good trip.
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That is one way Cajun. It is 50 miles to a place with a convinence store. Just got back a little while ago.
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Today ... Your the driver. Glad ya made it there and back. With that distance, hope ya got everything ya needed.
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that sounds like somewhere i could livePDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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HOLY SMOKES Goat! 140 miles! Dang! That's a tank of gas to go to town. I hope you make shopping lists I wouldn't want to have to go back!

You use the citric acids to add that kind of mouth watering tangy flavor you get from fermented sausages without having to wait weeks or months to get them. It's close but not quite the same as the tang you get from fermenting.

When you make sausages you intend to smoke you should always use the encapsulated version of citric acid as opposed to the crystalized version because the crystalized version will imediately begin to dissolve and lower the PH of your meat. The encapsulated version is coated with maltodexrine which melts at 135 degrees so you don't get immediate PH reduction of the meat, which makes it hold together better until it begins to cook. It's use is generally about 3 oz per 25 lbs of meat. Be careful when using encapsulted citric acid not to over mix the meat and add it at the very last minute so you don't break the capsules.

If you want to add more tang you can also try adding buttermilk solids or butter milk in place of the dry milk or water in your summer sausages, slim jims, hot sticks or pepperonis. The buttermilk is a lactic acid which is what is used for fermenting sausages but this will do it to a lesser degree much lie the citric acids. It's use is about 1 oz. per lb. of meat up to 6% of the raw meat weight. Best to let it sit in the fridge for a few days before smoking.

I like the flavor of the buttermilk better then the citric acids because it tastes more natural? Kind of like the difference between real fresh squeezed lemonade and Koolade lemonade - if that makes sense to you.

okay I'll shut up now .... icon_redface.gif
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Debi, I made a list and everything was checked off when I left town.
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Boy you'd have to I couldn't afford the gas to go to town to often out there!
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