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Spatchcock chicken...up or down?

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I'm gonna spatchcock a chicken this weekend (just to check it off my list of things to do) and am wondering what you guys think about up or down? I'm not a Skin Eater so, obviously, I'll be removing that evil layer of cholesterol. With that said, I would think I would smoke it skin down to keep the juices on the meat. Any comments? I might even put it in a pan, who knows.
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I usually lay it out with the backside on the grates. I think it gives better smoke penetration, sorta letting the smoke in the back door...PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

I think with the breast toward the grates, it's gonna dry out quicker... I don't know this for sure, 'cause I've never tried it. Just thinking out loud.
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I see what you're saying, but I plan on removing the keel bone, and those pesky ribs (If I can get a hold of them). So, at that point, the breast is really just as close to the heat up or down. Right?

I will say that I will take advantage of my un-tuned chargriller and point his feet to the hot side. That should help.
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geek......you even give ajthepoolman's method a shot.......rubbing down the skin with mayo or mw?

i am going to give it a shot on turkey day.......

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I smoke chicken to eat throughout the week so I can be a good boy for a few days. It's either that, or take a pill a day (that will eventually kill my liver) to keep the cholesterol down.....I choose life!

If I'm going to break the diet, it's going to be beef or pork.....not pesky yard bird cracklinsbiggrin.gif
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i feel you pain.....with the liver and pills......i HAVE to take a hand full of pills everyday......WITH a shot liver.......but what you going to do......

thank god, they are coming out with some pills that the liver DOESN"T process......HURRAY for science......sorta.....heeheh

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Personally, I think the 'Hawg' has it right. I always put the cavity side down. It help protects the eating stuff from the heat and still gets good smoke and nice and brown. Also, leaves itself open to more rub, spritz or mop, if you are so inclined. Even though you are peeling the skin, that is the way I would recommend.

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