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Inject brine?

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I've got a 10 lb turkey I am going to be brining tonight and smoking tomorrow. My question is if I should/can inject the brine into the turkey prior to smoking? I've also got some Tony C's creole butter inject stuff I could use as well, but I thought I might as well just inject the brine since that is what it has been soaking in all night. Any thoughts?
Here is the brine I am using ( I got this from someone else on the forums):

2g Water
1 1/2lb Salt
1c Sugar
2t Bayleaf
2t Dry Thyme
2t Peppercorns
2t Juniper Berried
2t Basil (Dry)
2t Ginger (Dry)
2t Marjoram (Dry)
2t Sage
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I wouldn't.

Just soaking overnight in the brine will do a fine job of moistening and flavoring the bird. But injecting brine (which, I'll admit, I've never tried) would, I'd assume, make the meat way too salty. We're talking 1.5lbs. of salt here.

Just a hunch. As I said, I've never tried injecting brine.

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The brine is soaking into the meat already, no need to inject!!biggrin.gif
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I wouldn't either. You could try injecting just a leg or something and see how it turns out. Who knows, maybe you are on to something good.
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