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What am I supposed to do with this?

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I wanted to smoke a brisket so I sent a friend to the butcher shop to get one. He came back with a chunk of meat that is 6" x 8" X 40" long... Seriously, this slab of meat is 40" long. It's longer than the smoker. eek.gif It also doesn't look like the brisket you guys are cooking on here. Should I whack it up into foot long chunks or what? It looks a lot like a mid sized alligator without the legs. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Send it to me, I will take care of it. smile.gif

Cut it in half........if half don't get it, then cut it in thirds. I would not cut it smaller than you have to.
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Yes, cut it half.
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Dang, Joe beat me to it! I wanted to call dibs on it.icon_lol.gif

I agree with the others, cut it in half. Take pictures of the smoke for us.
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Actually other than just for the freak value of it, I am not sure I would want a brisket that big...........
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what did the label on that monster say?

okay okay.....i KNOW it didn't SAY anything.......thought i would get that in before FBJ nailed me on it cool.gif but what was PRINTED on it?

i would like to see a pic of that monster as it is right now.......WOW

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It looks a lot like a mid sized alligator without the legs. icon_mrgreen.gif[/quote]

Thanks for making me spit out my sodee pop!PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif

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This is not your typical meat shop. Their butcher shop is an old dairy barn. Nothing fancy but CLEAN! You walk in, 1/2's and 1/4's are hanging in the cooler, tell 'em what ya want, they cut it and wrap in freezer paper, pay and you walk out. There are no labels on the meat. If you take a beef of pig in for full processing then the freezer paper is stamped as to the contents. Thanks for the replies, I'll cut the baby down to fit the grill. icon_lol.gif
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Don't be surprised if it is tougher than others you have done in the past. A brisket that large had to come of a big old cow........which usually means tougher meat. It should still be good........and can be tender and juicy, it will just probably be less forgiving than a smaller one. Good luck.
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what was the price per pound?>

yeah......you mite want to seperate the point from the flat then........that'll shorten that critter up

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PPP? FREE! Butcher is a friend and only wants to taste the results for payment. Sounds like a fair swap! icon_smile.gif
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Honestly, get us a pic of WHATEVER it is, 40" brisket didn't come from a cow, maybe a dinosaur but there's no way in hell that's a brisket unless he left the hind 1/4 on!! Hate to see you start cutting up something your not sure what it is, how much did it cost??? Does it have the point attached?
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The brisket came off a 2 year old black angus steer. He weighted around 1500 pounds.
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He halved the steer, cut (what I thought) was the brisket... I just measured it, again. The cut is 39 1/4" long. It's froze now and I didn't really look at it before I froze it. Looking at the briskets people cook on here, mine sure doesn't look similar. What the hell did he cut for me? PDT_Armataz_01_32.gificon_lol.gif
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i wuld be asking..........so you know what you are dealing with..........so you know HOW to cook it

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I hate to say it...............but i gotta agree with Dude!!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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of course you do bubba..........HARD pill to swallow........LMAO


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A cartoon comes to mind...................Freddy Flinstone and a big ole rack o ribs at the drive in resturaunt!icon_eek.gif
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