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Court Case

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There is a court case where a Judge is trying to decide who a little boy should go to live with.
The Judge tells the little boy "I'm going to send you to live with your mommy."
The little boy replies " I don't want to live with my mommy"
The Judge ask "Why?"
The little boy states "because she beats me!"
The Judge then says "Well then I will send you to live with your daddy."
The little boy replies "I dont' want to live with my daddy!"
The Judge again ask "Why?"
The little boy says"because he beats me!"
The Judge then ask the little boy "well who do yo want to live with?"
The little boy replies "The Dolphins because they can't beat anybody"
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I don't follow any sports, but even "I" got that one. icon_biggrin.gif
sounds like that boy needs his butt beat though. rolleyes.gif
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