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has any one used pickle juice for a brime on turkey?
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I haven't tried it. Are you talking dill pickle or sweet?
I might be able to handle the sweet pickle juice, but I'm not sure how a turkey flavored like a dill pickle would taste.confused.gif
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Ron, if you do try one, let me know how it
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i have tried it with chicken wings used dill pickle juice
it turned out great
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Run with the dill BRINE then. Just not for Thanksgiving day... heh. test it first!
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Ron, did you smoke the wings or fry? Thanks for the
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i smoked them always
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Thanks for the info Ron....I made some pickles a couple of weeks ago, I'll save some of the brine and give it a try. Thanks!biggrin.gif
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Hmmm dill pickle brine on wings with a bit a cajun spice and dipping sauce sounds like a good recipe for hot wings to me.
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