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Welcome Baker -

Is it burnt or cresole? Taste good or bitter? If it's just burnt sounds like you temps are to high. If it bitter it's the smoke/cresole.

Good luck!
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welcome to SMF. glad you found us. for spare ribs, i use the 3-2-1 method. i use kingsford briquettes to get my fire started and then wood for heat and flavor. i use jeff's rub (i use it on everything i smoke), and they look good when i pull them out. i don't do bb's, as spares are cheaper and have more meat. you can thank chili's for that.
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Honestly it's a little of both it's always edible but I have had some real good smoked ribs and know how they should look and taste and mine don't measure up. A few things I will try this week in my offset smoker to see if I can remedy the situation while smoking BB Ribs.
  1. I am going to leave the Chimney stack open and adjust heat with fire box.
  2. Purchase a Probe Thermometer (to monitor heat a little more closer).
  3. Purchase some lump charcoal as opposed to Kingsford.
  4. If it fails this time go to what seems to be everybodies perferred method the 3-2-1.
One question what is the primary cause of Cresote and what is the best way to eliminate or prevent it?
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Heh...don't I know it! Welcome to SMF, and I think yerproblem will go away with the good 'mometer.
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Thick smoke and poor airflow. This explains it better than I could

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Welcome aboard!

All good advice given in the previous posts... I too, think you had a combination of both too much smoke and probably too much heat. Get that digital - I highly suggest the Maverick ET-73 dual probe, as you can measure both chamber temps and meat temps (don't need internal temps for ribs, but many other meats you will).

Place a chimney of unlit lump in your firebox. Add a chimney of lit lump to that, along with a few chunks of your favorite wood. As was said earlier, open the chimney all the way! Get the unit up to temp and wait a bit for the smoke to settle down, place your meats on the grates and adjust the temp with only the firebox vent.

Good luck!
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While I too am new to smokeing using charcoal/wood, I have cooked ribs on my gas grill with one side burner on and a pan of wood on top of it...

I used the 3-2-1 method all the time, with perfect results, 3 hours smoking, 2 hours wrapped in foil (I add 1/2 cup orange juice over the meat), then one hour unwrapped....

hope that helps...
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Welcome to the site, you came to the right place. Now get them ribs smokin and post some pics. LOL
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