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First Mod!!!

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Well...I made my first mod...well actually, I was at home deport looking at aluminum sheeting for a baffel, and they had some thick metal grate that you cut to size for grills, and I got a small piece of it and put it in the firebox to raise the coals up a tad (about 3/4") and also it goes the length of the firebox so my coals wont fall off the sides when I add more in...

I also got some oven leave in thermometers, and I'm gonna fire up a batch of coals and bring it up to temp and see what the difference is from right side by the chimney to the left side by the fire box...that will determine my baffel design/size.....

just to clarify, I'm shooting for an even temp accross the grill itself...somewhere in the neighborhood of 215-225ish...
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redtab, it sounds like you're having fun. Let us know your results. Haven't you got the CG smoking pro?
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no, I have a char-broil american smoker... smaller version of the silver smoker....

(and I'm wishing I would have went the extra $50 for the silver one too)
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I always say buy the bigger one the first time...Everytime I buy the smaller one (of anything) I always end up wishing I had bought the other. I still wish I could have found the CG outlaw, but couldn't find it anywhere till I bought my smoking I find the outlaw at sportsman's warehouse...yep you guessed it bout 35 bucks more...arghhhhh!
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Off to a good start Redtab. Get some flashing and put it in the somke stack to keep the heat at a lower level this will also hel give a better reading. Push/pull the flashing all the way down to the cooking grate. Flashing is cheap and can be used for other things as well.
Might try a steel plate or to in the bottom to help distribute heat more evenly. Must install a heat shield/gaurd between the firebox and the cooking chamber. If not that side is gonna be much, much hotter.
Goodluck. I have th Silver smoker and wish I had spent the extra $10 for the CG pro. Oh well maybe sometime in the future. Wife said 3 smokers and a grill was enough.
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any chance you can give me a pic of what you were mentioning?

I was just about to ask a question concerning the baffel...I built a small fire in the box after the scrubbing and re-seasoning of it, and by the fire box I have 250 steady, and the opposite side its 200.....
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Redtab78, these are the mods that I did to my nephew's smoker. The pics show the baffle and tuning plates. Here's the thread:
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and the baffel will keep the heat in the smoke box down a little right? is there a rule of thumb for length?
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Don't know of any specific length on the baffle, but I wouldn't stand it too straight up and down as to restrict the air flow. If you look at the mods others have made to their cookers maybe it will give you a better idea of what length you should use. There are several threads that have been posted pertaining to baffles and tuning plates.
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i posted elsewhere about the purpose of the baffle is to equalize the heat/flow throughout the pit plus if yer doing pork or chicken closer to the firebox- it eliminates flash fires in the main chamber due to drippings or the wild wind sucking flame into the chamber when you open it on windy days. i still use a waterpan too. here'sa great link for mods.
just scroll down for pics.
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Redtab, IMHO it sounds to me that you are getting way to much draft through your firebox. You should be able to almost choke the fire out if you close the draft all the way. Someone who runs a sidefirebox rig correct me if I am wrong. Is it possible for you to post some pics of your smoker, esp. the firebox and draft area.
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I think Shortone has that right. Sounds like you need to close the damper on the firebox. Use that to control your temps. Mess with it until you get familar. Here is something to go by. Start with full open. Once temp. gets where you want it, close the damper half way. Temps might still be increasing but should be slower. After 15 min. close it half way again. Temp. should start stabilizing now. Another 15 min. and close half way again. IF temp starts to drop then open it back up a little. Just make small adjustments at first until you are familiar with the smoker.
As far as the pics Red I dont have any as of yet if you give me a day or so I can get some for ya.
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are 3 is of the baffel I made to put in it...I just havent bolted it down yet (still hot) second is of the can see how small the coal pile is/was, and it steady at 225 on the grate with the 2 thermometers(even all the way accross)

and the third one is of the outside....
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to my opinion thats what i shoot for.ican get 300 on the hot side to 200 @ the opposite so i can do chix ribs & a slow fatty or abt's & have them all come off about the same time(depending on when i put them in)- but thats me.i do large fatties(2-4lbs) & my brink has a lot more chamber room so it's different but i hope it helps.
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sorry about the pics being so small...anyone know more about how to upload them, by all means let me know so you can see better detail
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Good start Redtag almost done now .. keep going!
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