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New from New York

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Well,here I am..I suppose you all have heard these same questions over and over....
I am interested in learning how to smoke salmon and lake trout..So here I go..

Is the gas better than electric?

Who makes an easy to use smoker for the newbe?

Now please bare in mind that I will probably never get into it as much as some guys or gals do,so I would like to start small..Maybe with one that I can do fish,chicken,small turkey and some deer meat..
I think I understand the basics,like the brine,etc,but not sure how long to leave things soak in it..

What is the best wood to use? Chips or sawdust...

Well,I suppose that is enough to start with now...Thanks John
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First of all, welcome aboard!

There are lots of folks here that I am sure will chime in that use electrics and gas... I'm a charcoal/stick burner meself. I know you can certainly jump in very economically with an electric ECB, but from what I understand, they are somewhat prone to unstable temps due to the outside temperature and wind, but there are ways around that.

Good luck in your search and keep us informed on your progress!
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Welcome to the forum from another non gas or electric guy. LOL
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I'm new and bought a propane. I like it, but it costs more to run. I'm looking at having an electric one also this spring.
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Hey HAwg...howbout that cute Luhr L'il Cheif thingie? might be the ticket... and Welcome to SMF Johnny!
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Yup, that might do it... I forgot about that one.
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Welcome, I'm Jim from Katmandu, Nepal.

GOSM is a good start and reasonable, both gas and electric have their perks and flaws. Gas, you gotta buy it, electric, the cord and not quite as stable temps. Use chips. For brining, 4 hours min, up to overnight.
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Glad you've joined us at the SMF. You'll have plenty of good advise on your questions very soon. Stick around, it only gets better.
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There you go, or the one like Scotty has. It actually does a pretty good job.


And the full page of products:

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Welcome to SMF! I use a Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse and found it extremely easy to use as a beginner. However, the price tag makes it a bit harder to justify (around $300).
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You can get it in Black for $199


Also, you can get a comparible one at Dicks called "Cajun Injector Electric Smokehouse". Which is the same, but you might find it on sale.
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You da DOOD griller! Links inna flash! <bow>
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Naahh, I just like to help.
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Is it true that almost everyone from New York is a little weird?????
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Scotty...I got one end. Someone else HAS to get the other end of the "Bell Curve of Life"
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I was born in Manhattan Hospital N.Y.C

I just can't resist fooling sometimes.
The devil makes me do iticon_evil.gif

I always had you figured. lol lol
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<bow> i ain't hard to figger. I am hard to beat :{)
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Discretion is indeed the better part of valor, Scotty.
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