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Debi, as always, you are a true inspiration... You are amazing!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ham lunchmeat

Hi Debi,

I am new to this group and just found your post, the lunchmeat looks great!

I am interested in making the ham lunchmeat. Could you be more specific on how you make it- do you use fresh ham? is it brined? how much gelatine do you use per pound of meat?

Many Thanks,
Fritz in Rochester
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Hey Fritz... welcome to SMF!

Go over to the Roll call forum and give us a lil intro on your equipment and experience level, it'll enable us to answer your questions MUCH more accurately!

Enjoy your time here, someone here knows something about durn near everything!
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Thank you Rich. Where is the roll call?
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Looks great! Do you buy a whole turkey and cut it up or do you buy the meat already cut up for ya?
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fritz......back out till you get a listing of all the forums will see roll call

welcome and hope this link helps

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Lots of questions I hope I got them all ....

Fritz - I like luncjmeat. Never quite know what to call my concoctions though.
The ham can be fresh pork or brined. I like it brined - tastes more like ham. If it's fresh it come out more like pork roast which is also good for sandwiches.
I did a post about a year ago but I guess foks either missed it or I didn't name it right! icon_lol.gif

I'm adding a page to my website just for my lunchmeat recipes - I'll keep you posted! Give me a day or two? I have 3 or 4 luchmeat recipes listed on the smokingmeat menu page but that's all for now.

Rich -
The first time I tried this I did it in the oven and it was good but I really like smoked turkey best. Tell your "better half" I hope she enjoys it! Much cheaper than the store and you control the salt!

Twisertail -
This is a real turkey - two in fact. I did just over 30 lbs. One was 16 lbs and the other was 14.5 lbs. I cut it up but I don't use the wings and legs - I like those smoked whole. I'm gonna save up a bunch of turkey thighs and do an all dark meat smoked turkey next - I prefer the dark meat myself. Turkeys are on sale now - woohoo!
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Okay Fritz and everyone else that's interested I got;

Deejay’s NY Deli Style Pastrami
Deejay’s Deli Style Smoked Turkey
Deejay’s Capricolla Ham
Deejay’s Pickle, Pimento, Olive and Cheese Loaf
Deejay’s Liverwurst

Typed out for you had a hard time tracking down the pictures. I'll add more later almost bed time!
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