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I used to love pigs feet until my Mama made them once. Being FEET she scrubbed the little buggers raw. Damned near wore the outter skin off. They tasted good but looked like they were disinigrating in the jar she scrubbed them so bad! It was funny - they almost looked fuzzy.
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I have the recipe filed.
I sure would like someone to find me the ithranitza sausage recipe.

They were called sausages on crutches.
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Didja google it? What nationality is it?
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Cologen casings are uasually edible. They are made from the collogen layer just under beef hide, ground up & then extruded to forms for their pre-determined size. other than sizes they come in 2 main types, 1 type for fresh (thinner) & the other that is thicker for smoking that will hold the weight of the product being smoked so it will not tear & wind up on the floor. The larger 2' 3'' etc are usually synthetic casings(non edible).
For breakfast sausage,slim jims I use 22-24mm sheep casings, 24-26 mm is hot dog size. When using smaller diamater collogen casings, using a STRAIGHT funnel not tapered funnel will facilitate stuffing as collogen has no streatch & will tear. DO NOT SOAK collogen before stuffing, but synthetic you will soak for 1/2 hr warm water I am a Sheep & hog gut guy myself, but use collogen & synthetic from time to time. Hope I didn't lose ya
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good stuff there coach........

but don't let Geek with Fire read this.......heehe.......he has ENUFF problems with the material that sausage is stuffed into.........LMAO

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Oopps, looks like my post should of been closer to the collogen Q, sorry. But hey, nothing like a good batch of jellied pigs feet!
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dude runs for the bathroom to PUKE

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Yes I researched it Rich. I could only find Kielbasa listed as czhek sausages. I don't think that is correct although I'm sure they had their own variety of it..
I know it is definitely a Czechoslovakian thing. I had quite a few czhek friends . My ex is one.

I only ate them once but my friends spoke of them from time to time.
Thats all I remember.
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Usually the smaller collegan casings are edible. The larger ones 3 inches and up often are not. They are usually to be torn off before slicing like lunchmeats.
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thanks once again

just got back into town and had to look back at last wksposts .thanks for everyones input.got 4 days off and hope the winds go downthier blowin with gusts to 50mph.gotta fire up the smoker at least once this wkndicon_biggrin.gif
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welcome home

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hmm new ?

went to the store today to look at calogen casings and could'nt find any but did see some [fiborous casings] arethey the same thing?
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Cajun, Goat, DJDEB, DACDOTS......

where's you sausage people when we need em?

cajun.......goat......djdeb......dacdots........HE LLOOOO

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Honestly .. I don't know the answer to that question. Sorry.
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To my knowledge (I always reserve the right ot be wrong):

Fiborous Casing - Is basically non-edible. This would be the type of casing used on summer sausage.

Collegan Casing - This is a man made product that is edible.

Natural Casing - Typically used from a pig, sheep or even a cow intestines. This is my personal choice over Collegan, but we all have our own preferences.
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Bill -

Here's a sausage tutioral and list of casings, casing sizes, tube sizes.


and here a good explaination of fiberous casings and their uses:

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good info

thanks again everybody,deb those sites were perfect thank youPDT_Armataz_01_21.gif
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My mother used to buy ithranitsa from the Hungarian pork store. I gave never seen them again and nobody seems to know what they are. Did you find out anything?
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Any news on the ithranitsas?
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Welcome to SMF Julibelle and were glad to have you aboard. Can you swing over to roll call and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper welcome and dont forget to fill out your location in your profile so people around your area here can help you find things locally. This thread is 6 yrs old. You might want to start a new thread with your question... you more likely to get better help that way

Thanks and happy smoking

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