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Project: Motorize the Enterprise

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Yes, it's a crappy pict, but I only had my phone. I'll get some better ones when I finish a table mount setup. The silver cone is the gear drive from an old-school power screwdriver. The motor is a 1500 rpm small drive motor, like 1/10 Hp I think. The couple pins you see sticking up actually is what holds the drive into the shaft of the press, via the turnbuckle you see on the bench to the left. Seems to go at a good rate, and I have an old sewing machine footswitch for it PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif

Jeez, I hope it works hahaha!

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i'm diggin' it,looks like a winner and i like the foot switch idea!
great job.

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Looks like a winner! Let us know how it works for you!
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I feel like an idiot for even asking (maybe I missed a thread).....what is it, Rich?
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Kewl!...The antique 'Enterprise' meets the modern 'Power Drive' system!...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Quite a change from the old 'Armstrong' drive system, eh?...

The next upgrade?...The 'Enterprise' with 'Warp Drive', of course!...icon_rolleyes.giftongue.gif

Sorry Rich!...icon_redface.gif...Couldn't resist that'un!...PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

Until later...
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Heh.. it's were bound to learn ancient history here at some point along with everything else! That is an approximately 80 year old <maybe older> sausage stuffer. I am hoping to re-use the hand crank as part of the door closing system for the Beast.
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So where do you plug in the monitor?PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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it needs a bottle opener too... icon_razz.gif
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Undoubtedly I could open a six pack with 6 different parts on that thing already GSG. Why would I add a part JUST for that? ;{)
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Pretty cool!
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Sigh- motor has no ballz. Could not stop the thing by hand, but the plunger hit the meat and POOP!

Removed motor and chucked in my HD power drill, works like a charm.The drive is solid, but I gtta get a MANLY motor. Well, maybe a .25 horse anyway... Sigh.
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Man, what a bummer. You know nothin ever goes right the first time. Maybe on the next motor you can do like the Elmo joke says and give it two test tickles icon_twisted.gif
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I am thinking you may need more than a 1/4 horse motor for the power needed to operate a loaded stuffer?

I have a few unused electric motors laying around. I have picked them up at garage sales, etc. for future projects like this. Another I picked up was a give away electric variable speed treadmill; I tore it down and kept the speed control and motor. With time I plan on motorizing our 25 lb. stainless steel Sausage Maker stuffer and our 44 lb. stainless steel meat mixer.

Right now I am looking for a 20:1 geared speed reducer to drive my #32 meat grinder with a 3/4 horse motor. Currently the grinder is driven with a belt pulley set up that I would like to replace with a direct drive of a geared speed reducer.
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Well, Mo... I chucked in my Milwaukee varible speed "real" drill, and got a very minimal "wrist-twist" which tells me it isn't gonna take much more to turn it. i was close, but no ceegar. I estimate maybe the torque of drilling a 3/8 hole in pine was all... That old reduction box for the screwdriver and all the associated mechanics/support never flinched.
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Update Ebay purchase

Well, this oughta do it... gears and all. bracket I built should work with it too.
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