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fatty abts ????

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i want fatty & abts for the game tomorrow so i thought- why not do a couple dozen abt & wrap 1 dozen in a 2lb fatty & finish it off that way? best of both worlds in 1 neat package? any opinions ?
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GSG, it seems like you've got lots of recipes that work and taste great. Trust your instincts. If it sounds good to you, go for it. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif You may end up inventing the new "hot topic" on SMF!

Heck, until a few weeks ago I'd never even heard of an ABT and a fatty had nothing to do with sausage. wink.gif So who am I to judge what might or might not work in a smoker.

Let us know how it come out.
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A mix of fatty and ABTS? Could it be anything less then awesome? I say go for it.
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My god gyspy, I'm just getting into the "egg fatty" and now your about 10 steps ahead of me.. ... Go for it.
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that was my entry in the" see the world smell the smoke" contest

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one w3rd.........


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The "egg fatty" was yours moltenone ? Then I am really behind... Will be off the smoker in about an hour.
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no the ABT Fatty was my entry
no big deal.

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moltenone...When I get to that fatty, I'll sure give you the credit. It's on my list. Sorry for the confusion.
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GSG, I'm having a hard time picturing your proposal? I've been making my ABTs lately with anaheim chilis, stuffed with a smoked fatty, cream cheese and sharp cheddar, wrapped in bacon. How would you wrap an abt in a fatty?
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I think your ABT s will be very uncooked by the time the fatty gets to 160º internal ... just my opinion.
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Squeezy,when i came up with this idea i pre cooked the ABT some and it turned out real good.

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jaynik,par cook it and place it in the fatty then smoke.

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That makes sense to me ... and I'm sure they taste great together ..
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they are fantastic to say least,the ones i did were gone in minutes!!!!!

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thats what i had in mind. can ya find yer pic link? i'd like to see how ya did your's .
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Use the force young Luke... you have to reach within and feel it ...
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You are in a word mom ... profound!
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the pics

ok here's the pics.the abt's were stuffed w/green onion & chive cream cheese w/ smoked onion & garlic topped w/ debi's buckboard bacon.
1 fatty is plain-rolled in rib rub,fajita spice,onion & garlic powders.
the stuffed fatty has shredded sharp cheddar,swiss,& romano cheese w/ some of the abt ( it coulda used some scrambled egg & rotels).it sure was good.-another 1 for the recipe book.
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That looks good. I'll have to add it to the list.

I think I have enough "want to try" things to last for a few months now. smile.gif
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