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Just hit the "User CP" button at thetop of this page...
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Bill go to the top of the page in the blue bar - it say user cp. click that and go to the bottom of the page. It lists posts you got points for and comments by the one who gave it (sometimes). I never thought to sign them - but I have never and would never give negitive points. I do give hugs somtimes though ...PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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personally... as to human nature, it is classic to form tribes,groups ,or just to dislike another on some point...
i have my detractors- judging from my personal positive rep points- they far out weigh the 1 negative i have gotten(due to an outspoken night)but so be it.
we all try to be nothing but a positive force to this site & the people we meet here....
it's for the greater good that a dissenter shall speak aloud(or not)- you don't have to agree w/ me or anyone else- you just have to respect the right for me to have a voice & i have to respect the right for you to disagree- and tell me about it ( a bastardization of ben franklin's editorial circa 1771)
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Debi, I need a hug !! icon_eek.gif
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Me too debi...icon_cry.gif

As far as Im concerned the whole point of being able to commend someone with positive feedback is to let others know how helpful they are... If we see something we feel we need to post a comment under whether we are giving advice, commendation, whether we agree, or disagree, this is the purpose of the forum... And giving negative feedback for someones opinion is ludacris...
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I have had one and it was GOOOOd.
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Few people will get negative rep, but if they do it's problay cuz they posted their OPINION based on their EXPERIENCE(s) and that would be anal to give a negative for.

Some people will get negative rep for POLITICING, asking for rep or an induction.

The good will come when you prove your intelligence, i believe.

Instead of doing the rep. didn't know how to do it, i would pm the person that pissed me or impressed me, and had good results
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User CP

Well I went to user CP and then to the bottom of the page, There was nothing , I assume this means I don't have any Comments ????

Also When I click on the Rep Scale it pops up and says I have 10 points How do I get those??
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And thats the way it should be.............IMHO of course.
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Is it possible to change the settings to view all the remarks and points. Mine says I have 14 points but can only read one.
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I only have 5 remarks and 76 points all since Aug., i hope i can still sleep tonite, cuz i didn't last nite,,, oh wait, thats cuz i was up smoken meat for a b-day party this afternoonishnite
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I agree completely with regards to this forum. For instance, someone just gave me negative feedback with the comment "sure are mouthy for a new guy." This person, as far as I am concerned, is a coward. If you're going to make a comment like this then at least man up and own it.

That's the problem with negative feedback. It is too often abused by those that like to hide behind a veil. That's the whole reason why we eliminated it at our other board. That particular board has a tremendous amount of buying and selling (40,000 members) so negative feedback was a necessary evil. But, even though it was something that had some good qualities to it, we still deemed it necessary to eliminate it.

This particular board, in my opinion, really has no need for the negative karma option. We are simply giving opinions and as such people can just move on if they don't like what is being said. But, if someone crosses over the line and insults other etc then I am confident the mods will address it as necessary.

Jeff, if you need help on how to remove the negative karma option just let me know and I can get the info from the programmer.

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I think they drop off with age...the comments/listings anyway not the points of course
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I'm kinda for leaving it. Maybe someone really DID mess up bad. I'd LOVE to hammer them. Of course, I'd sign it too.
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Why don't we just bury this whole thread, and have Debi give us all a big hug so we can start our day with a smile.

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I could use one now... look what *I* went and did grumble.
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Please I agree!
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I agree. I think the purpose of thread has run it's course.

We all agree we need a hug from Debi!

Thread is closed, let's go back to talking about smoking food!
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