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I ADMIT IM GUILTY.DO I GET NEG REP POINT WHEN I FORGET MY CAP LOCK LOL.. actualy i admit i was a bit forward durring the poultry thing..wont happen agian..mike
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:{) Self-castigation is a bonus... POINTS ! hehehe.. Life of Brian? Those monks walking with the boards? hahaha

good to see ya back, Mike. Hang in and contribute when ya can, and learn when ya can't! It's what I do!
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Hey richtee what happen to the red wings thingy lol
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PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif I change my sig slightly more often then my underwear PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif
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well then ya must be on the minnesota wild side then lol
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Heh... I din't mention the tattoo I had, did I?

Wings rule! Just wait and see!
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sorry no tatoos for me..to old to get em..dont like things poking me lol..rather do my own pokin
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Understood. Grin.
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Blah, blah, blah..................biggrin.gif
Negative rep point's accepted!!cool.gif
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I usually don't reply to anything that has the word negative in it, but I feel the need to take my stance. I may not always agree with someone's post, but I find no gain in responding in any negative way. I always try to stay on the positive, life itself has enough negatives for me. So, maybe we can enjoy a good weekend of smokin', and anything else that brings on a smile.
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I'm with you Rich, if I read something I disagree with, it doesn't break my finger to just scrool it away. Like the old saying goes... "If you don't have any thing good to say, don't say anything at all" Or in Rodney King's words, "Can't we all just get along". I think he said that right after he said "DAMN MAN STOP BEATING ME WITH THEM STICKS".
All kidding aside, why do we even have a place for negitive anything here?
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Here, here! Well Said!
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On my motorcycle websites we call the resentful and jealous folks TROLLS

they will always be there to ruin good things.
Since i started the toy smoker thread , no one person has read it more than I did. I enjoyed all the comments. If anything negative was thrown at me i would have responded quickly asking what the problem was.

Again someone who resented the persons hi number of rep points. Nothing more
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Yada yada...ditto!
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I just kind of scanned the first page and now the last. My question is "who is worried about it"? This forum is for education and bs. Everything comes under one of those headings. Score keeping is for your own personal ego. As far as I am concerned get a Big Chief tablet and a #2 pencil and keep your own score. JMHO and it might be wrong.
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The reputation thing is just a fun way to encourage folks to be on their best behavior and such not that it works or does not work.. I think it can be a positive thing if used properly.

As far as the negative points.. I've been meaning to get into the code/settings and see if there is a way to limit it to positive points only..

Will work on that.. meantime everyone just scroll on down the page if you see something you don't like.

Definitely don't lose any sleep or get stressed over this place.. it is a great forum (if I do say so myself) but it aint worth getting your heart rate up unless it is just sheer excitement from learnin' sumpin' new about smoking meat..

Just my opinion of coursePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I still don't know how you get good points or bad ones. I do agree however If you are going to give someone negative points. You should at leat be man/woman enuff to explain yourself.
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I think they are just plain mean. I got one for telling a newbie I couldn't help but we had plenty of folks that could and someone would be along shortly. Poor fellow probably thought he was being ignored ...
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How do you give somebody negative points and why would you want to anyway?
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how do you know if you get good ,bad or any comments?
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