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tonight's cook

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The fatties:

pork chunks ("country style ribs):

I cooked them in my BGE with apple and hickory along with Royal Oak. The chunks had a very nice smoke ring and flavor. The fatties will be used for chili.
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Looks good.... stuffed fatties or solid chubbs????
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Looks mighty tasty! How long did the "pork chunks" take?
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They are solid.
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I had a 250 or so dome temp in my BGE and everything took two hours and 15 minutes or so.
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Those look great SmokeyBear!
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Looks god SmokeyBear - nice to feed the addiction during the week!
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Looks tasty, i'll have to try some fatties in my chili next time.
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Nice looking Q you have there my friend. I'll have to try the country stle ribs, I have wondered about smokin' them for sometime.
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Thanks for all of the kind words.
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They look good, really good. . . just not sure they look THAT good! icon_rolleyes.gif


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Beautiful job SmokeyBear. I just couldn't pass up the chance to throw Debi a zinger. . .

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Two of the fatties chopped up for the chili. I'm trying the Carroll Shelby chili kit.
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In the pot:

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MMMmmmm, that looks good! I think I can almost smell it too!icon_biggrin.gif

I made some hot flour tortillas earlier......slathered in butter, they would go good with your chili.icon_smile.gif
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The taste was pretty good. I got it a bit thick, and the meat chunks are a little too big, but the taste was good.
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I guess we will just have to take your word for it !!!! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Great Q-View. It looked absolutely wonderful, so I believe you!!

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Add a splash of beer and give it a good stir
Everything look's awesome, nice job!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Man, those pork chunks look GOOD! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

I like the Shelby chili mix ok, but I wish I could still find Shotgun Willie's Texas Chili locally. Used to get it at Ingles but can't find it anymore. It was my favorite ready made chili mix. Found it online...
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