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Yes, for the unit to work correctly the metal piece has to be removed between box and grill.
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That's correct, Duckman. Just outside the perimeter of where your sfb is bolted on, in your second picture, you will have a tack welded piece in there that will pop out fairly easily....kinda like a piece of paper that has been perforated. In my case, I removed the sfb and gave it a whack or three. Be careful to not bend the side of your cooking chamber by striking with too much force.
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Duck that football shaped area is removable, in the picture you took from the side fire box looking in,knock that part out,it is not solid,ok!!

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Duckman, click on the link below, it will take to a thread where mods have been done to the char-griller. In the second pic you will see that the 'football' plug has been removed. Your's should look this way as well.
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Ahhhhhhh! OK ok ok I got it now! Thanks Kev!!! I see now that is is perforated and I will knock it out today. Thanks for being so patient with me! You guys are great and i'll keep you informed as to my progress on my smoking once I get it out and start some beef back ribs and some pork butts! I'm sure i'll have more questions for you guys and i'm now convinced that i'll get all the answers from you all!!

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Maybe page 7 of the Silver Smoker will show the opening.

Hope this helps
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ahh good one cajun.............i tried to see the opening that dutch gave the link too, but couldn't really see it..........

great link

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I was hopeing the owners manual would show it and help.
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Ok, so I knocked out the football shaped opening between the fire box and the smoker. I'm trying to smoke some chicken. The temp gauge on the smoker still won't go above 200. I know that gauge is not accurate and is a probably piece of crap. I put about 5 pounds of hickory block charcoal in and the fire box is quite hot. I have basted and checked the chicken every hour and the temp of the chicken (via a meat temp gauge) is not above 140. I have added more charcoal every hour and 3/4 or so because the charcoal is dying. It has been a little over 2 1/2 hours. I have an hour or so to go and I want to know if I'm doing everything right. Does it normally take that much charcoal? I'm afraid that the chicken will not be up to temp when it's done. I don't see any smoke just heat. Even if the meat gauge does not say 167 could the chicken be done? And should I check it?

Thanks for the help guys!
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Hi Duck,glad you fixed your problem,to regulate your temps with this smoker
i will recomend this,that you open the chimney all the way,open your side fire box damper about 1/3rd of the way.
you should hold a steady 225 degrees.
also replace your cook chamber thermo,or get a remote,also,and maybe it's just me but i have a thermo on my fire box also,it tells me at a glance what i need to do to keep a steady temp.good luck.

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Ok, I took your advise( thank you soooo much for it!!) and the chicken came out a little overcooked (probably because the chicken was too close to the opening and because I did not have a true reading of the temp of the smoker and because I did not take your advise until the last 1 1/2) but the taste was great. I will be getting a separate temp gauge. I'll be trying 4 chicken 1/4 again to see if I can get it just right. This is soooo fun and it's been exciting! I have a rack of beef ribs just waiting for me to get to the point to be good enough to give it a try at smoking it. I give it 2 more days and then I think I'll be ready to give it a try! Any suggestions you all can give a newbie like me I am welcome to it! I have read all I can get my eyes on and been through all the forums that I can find. So I'm hoping that all your guys falls I can learn from.


P.S. Pictures of the ribs will come!!! Thank you again guys!!!
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Hahahahahahaha! that one's gettin' REP POINTS!
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