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Need help identifying big cooker...

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I need help identifying a big wood cooker that I am trying to maybe purchase if the price is right. Found it in the back of a restaurant that isn't a bbq joint anymore and am trying to get a price on it from the owners of the place that bought it from the bbq guy.

Here's what I can give you to help identify it. It's packed around pretty bad as you can tell from the pics and the new owner doesn't know squat about it. If anyone can help identify it I will better know how much it may be worth and what to offer in reference to it's condition compared to a new one like it. The pics with a description:

**Edit: Should be obvious from pics but it is a reverse flow cooker... I'm guessing somewhere close to 6ft long by 30" cooking chamber...

The eagle ornament/bell welded to vent stack... Eagle over two flags (appear to be rebel/confederate flags) over a bell with cord ...

Only thing I saw that might be a name brand... Says SUBURBAN on the fire box door...

Has horse shoes for fire box and cooking chamber door handles...

And an end shot showing the vent on top of the fire box end... and why I can't get to it to see anything more... tons of stuff on and around it.

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looks like a 1 off custom job
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Looks to me like it's built like a tank ! .... I'd take it in a heartbeat if you can get it cheap enough ... Go for it!
I'd buy it just for the eye appeal (the bell, raised lettering and the horseshoe handle)
Any holes in it?
Has he given you an asking price?

Sorry I can't give any info on it ... it just looks like it was built with quality stuff though and to last! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Keep us posted on what you decide .. eh?
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i agree with squeezy......but i would tell the dude, you need a better look at it.........checking for rust and holes...........but does look massive

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I would also make sure it is a reverse flow, haven the stack next to the fire box won't do much good ithere isnt a floor in there to get the smoke to the far end ,will it
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can we get pics of the grates & cooking surface area ?? looks like a great pit.
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It is definetly a homemade unit, pull it out of all that crap and check it out before you talk money, thing might not even work!!
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I wondered if it wasn't a custom. Would definitely have to see it closer before I bought it. I was just trying to research before talking money if I could. Depending on how much they want for it it may not matter.

I was already looking at a Lang or a Diamond Plate on a trailer. If his asking price is crazy I will just keep trying to decide between the two above mentioned smokers when the time comes. Just saw this one sitting unused and thought I might get a good deal on it. Was hoping the current restaurant owner had gotten it with the building. He has no use for it and I thought I might "get it out of his way" for cheap. icon_mrgreen.gif

Thanks for the replies. I googled Suburban and didn't get anything. I'm guessing custom until I find out further. Will post up when I know more.
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he may get it pulled out to where you can inspect it, and everyone else may see it and turn into a bidding war. you may "help" him digg it out and hopefully make a decision before others can get to it. I also feel your pain between Lang and Diamond Plate.
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I'm not even sure I want it. Would probably have to be a killer deal since I know nothing about it. As some have said, it may not even work right. May be why the bbq joint went under... icon_mrgreen.gif

Unless they give me a smokin' price, pun intended, I will likely just pass on it and choose between Lang and DPP. I really want a trailer mount anyway...
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Just FYI, they never called me back. Must not want to get rid of it.
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Oh yea that's mine, I wondered where I left that thing. Just tell where it is and I'll pick up.

I may be dressed in all black and show up in the middle of the night!
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Dang! ... if I was anywhere near Georgia, I'd be there in a flash!

Still like to find out more about that puppy!!!
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Talked to the current restaurant owner again today at lunch. He said the owners of the pit were coming down this week (apparently not living here now) and he was going to talk to them about price and specifics. He said he hadn't forgotten me. Guess we'll see when/if they call. I'll post up anything further I get on it...
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Thanks for the update ... will be watching! icon_eek.gif
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Just FYI, still no phone call... PDT_Armataz_01_31.gif
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buy it, the stories are probably priceless. and you can always make it work by, knowing the members of this forum. their knowledge, is also priceless.... wildcat
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The outcome of this one will be interesting, I hope you own it in the end porkbutt !!!
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Even if it is not a reverse flow it could be converted and if the price is right it would be a steal maybe if heavy enough you could make money on it at the local scrap yard as steel has gone up in price so you could get that Lang.
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